How do small and medium business websites do backup data?

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It is understood that the SME website is mostly used for brand display or part of the e-commerce function, so data backup appears very important. Do a good job of data backup, not only can be used for site disaster recovery, but also facilitate the management of the site, after all, these data for the enterprise is an intangible asset.

  Managed data Backup

If the corporate web site is more complex, or the enterprise does not have the energy and resources to focus on the backup, then you can choose to host the data backup.

The advantages and disadvantages of managed data backup, the most important thing is that enterprises need full trust and rely on external data backup service providers, but regardless of the type of service solution, the enterprise needs to be clear:

Backup plan of data backup service provider, including backup frequency, backup integrity;

If the termination of the contract, retrieve data how to operate, and confidentiality agreements, etc.;

Review system expansion and data growth, and measure the ability of data backup providers to adapt to enterprise development.

  Enterprise Self-backup

Small and medium-sized enterprises show the nature of the site is generally not complex, as long as the basic knowledge of data backup and strong sense of backup, to make the site data backup is not difficult.

Make a backup calendar and strictly enforce it.

Site backups are divided into daily backups and special event backups, and daily backups can be updated with the content of the site or regularly backed up. Special event Backup is a change in the site files, such as site template changes, site functions of the deletion, the site framework changes and other important events after the backup. Enterprise website in a short period of time there is a significant change in the likelihood of a relatively small, daily backup is sufficient.

  Scope of Backup

If your enterprise takes into account the integrity of the backup or the importance of the data, you can choose the scope of the backup.

For the entire site or the entire directory of backup can maximize the security and integrity of the site. The importance of the database for the entire site is self-evident. If you do not have a regular backup of the entire station, the database backup frequency can be appropriately higher.

  Backup method

The whole station directory can be packaged and downloaded locally through a remote directory package, or the relevant files under the Site directory are downloaded directly locally via the FTP data Backup tool, and are periodically packaged and replaced locally based on backup time.

Now the site background, server space management panel such as Cpanel, Plesk, and so on, with packaging compression website data backup function, operation is also very convenient. such as Discuz, Phpwind, WordPress and other CMS Building station system, in the background also has a very convenient database one-click Backup, through automatic backup to the specified Web site folder.

There are many backup programs on the Web, or the use of host space service providers, generally better service IDC, usually also help users back up the database once a week. Enterprises can choose the appropriate backup method according to their own technical resources.

 Managing Backup Files

After data backup, you should be good at management to play its role. First of all to protect the backup files, offsite or the backup file on the server is best to download a copy to local, local, off-site dual backup, followed by the archive of backup files, the more commonly used is based on the date of the backup files, all the site has the same value and importance of the data must be managed in a similar manner, So that it is easy to find when you use it.

I believe that after the detailed introduction of the site we have a certain understanding of backup. If the operation is still not very clear users may wish to try a small piece of recommended application: multi-backup. The first domestic focus on enterprise data cloud protection and management Services applications, is the wood wave technology independent research and development of cloud computing SaaS applications. Compared to traditional backup services, multi-backup provides a wide range of flexible deployment and usage options while significantly reducing costs, while customers can use multiple backup clients for data protection on a single device or data management of tens of thousands of devices simultaneously through the Web console. Multiple backups support the vast majority of databases, file systems, and operating systems.

  And compared to traditional backup solutions, multiple backups have the following advantages:

1. High security: Local cloud Hybrid backup, cloudy storage, unique CLOUD5 technology, data never lost

2. Maintainability is strong: multi-channel parallel transmission, local cloud dual backup engine, dynamic block de-re-compression.

3. Software deployment cost is zero, storage space on demand to meet the explosive growth of enterprise data

4. Simple installation, 7x24 online service, remote help access

5. Centralized management: Provide a unified management interface, enterprise all the server or employee Terminal Data Unified management.

Data multi-backup, users more peace of mind!

How do small and medium business websites do backup data?

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