How do PS text tools work?

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How do PS text tools work? The Type tool is one of the most commonly used tools in the process of using Photoshop (hereafter: PS) as an image-editing software. So, how to use PS text tools? What is the function of the PS Text tool? In today's tutorial, we will give you a detailed demonstration, I hope you will like!

PS Text Tool

Tutorial for using PS Text tools:

1, first create a document, the size of the custom.

2, press T or direct mouse click to select the Text tool.

Click inside the screen, appear text edit box, enter text, select text, black indicates text in the selected state. Select the font, text size, and text color you want.

3, to ensure that the text is in the choice of state, click the color, there appears a color selection window, we choose the process, the text will follow the color, easy to observe.

4, select the text, you can move forward from the last word, to avoid accidentally create a new text layer.

5, change the size of the text does not have to enter the value of XX point, press and hold the left mouse button to click on the red circle of the text, the right to move is to turn the big, left is to adjust the small, so that we control the appropriate size of the text is helpful.

PS Text Tool

6, the above is horizontal text, right click on the Text tool, the Drop-down window also has vertical text tools.

7, by the way a shortcut, sometimes we need to copy a text or picture out, just select its layer, and then hold down the ALT key, move to the next, copied a out, so on.

Now that we've copied one out, we're going to have an axis symmetry, press ctrl+t, enter the free deformation state, and right-click to select horizontal flip.

8, next describes the layer style. The FX right click on the layers panel to open the blending options, or double-click the type layer directly to pop up the layer style panel.

PS Text Tool

9, the effect of projection;

The values of these options are not fixed, we are in the process of doing the text effect, we reckon the adjustment.

10, bevel and relief effect;

Inner shadow and outer and inner glow we do not introduce, these effects generally play an auxiliary role, relatively weak effect. Bevel and Emboss is a very important effect, it makes the text three-dimensional. Many cool effects have its existence, its accompanying contour and texture is also very important, mainly used to overlay the texture effect on the text.

11, color overlay effect;

In fact, and the choice of text color function is the same.

12, gradient superposition effect;

In the poster design and other effects apply a lot, the color of the gradient can also be changed.

13, pattern overlay effect;

Make the surface of the text into patterns, such as weaving patterns, stone or wood patterns. In addition to the PS from the logo, you can also download some patterns from the Internet, loaded into their own design, the effect is very good-looking.

14, stroke effect;

This effect should be particularly common, a variety of promotional posters or leaflets, and so on, in order to emphasize the font, often used to stroke.

15, the text layer in the editing time, sometimes some trouble, such as some features only for ordinary layers, this time we can right-click to select the grid text, the text layer becomes a normal layer.

PS Text Tool

16, right button drop-down menu, there is also a "create a work path" is also commonly used, such as layer style strokes, can only stroke a solid color edge, create a work path, we can use the brush, choose their favorite brush to the text strokes.

17, text deformation belongs to a typesetting tool, but also in the major posters leaflets common. PS with some of the style if not meet our needs, we need to grid, with lasso tools, a circle out, with deformation tools to adjust.

Text deformation can also be input text when the choice is good, color selection of the latter option, is the text deformation tool.

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