How do I delete a word blank page?

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 How do I delete a blank page in Word

For computer small white, word editing process is always easy to encounter problems, one of them is blank page. Some people will ask how to delete word blank pages? In fact, the way Word deletes blank pages is not difficult, and here's a brief introduction.

  Method One: Press DELETE

When you encounter a blank page in Word, the first thing you should try is the delete key, which, in general, solves the problem of a blank page.

  Method Two: Delete page breaks

Sometimes the blank page is rather stubborn, the delete key can not compete with it, then the general problem appears in the "Page break." Just delete the page break.

Usually, we can go to the normal view or open the edit tag, you can see the page break, as long as the top of the blank page press the BACKSPACE key (once not to press two times), you can delete the page break.

Of course, if you have a lot of page breaks, you can use the edit-replace-advanced-Special character-manual page break-replace it all.

  Method Three: Reduce the table

If the table takes up a whole page, causing the last carriage return to be deleted on the second page, you can narrow the table down or set the margins to a little smaller. This action can be done in the File/page setup.

  Method Four: Modify text formatting

How does Word delete blank pages? If the blank pages are caused by the formatting of the last few lines of text, you can adjust the parameters such as their font spacing.

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