How do I do in the folder after defragmenting the disk in Win7?

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In fact, many friends will be involved in computer operations to defragment the disk, because the longer we operate the computer, then the disk appears in the amount of debris will be the corresponding more, over time, will cause the disk to run slowly, so, disk defragmentation is our regular time to do things, This is also an important task for the Win7 flagship 64-bit system to download system optimization. But recently a friend in the implementation of this optimization work found a strange phenomenon, what phenomenon? The Netizen said that in the Win7 flagship version of the defragmentation disk after the folder garbled, which will cause many folders on the disk can not be used normally, so the problem arises, how do we solve it? below, Let the small make up a detailed introduction of it!

1. First, we press the Win7 flagship keyboard Win+r shortcut to open the computer's running window, and then enter Regedit in the window and click Enter, so that you can open the Win7 flagship version of the Registry Editor window.

2. In the Open Registry Editor window, we click into the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Control FONTASSOC, and then find the aossiated CharSet File entry, and then we click the right mouse button in the right window, then create a new-string value and name the item ANSI (00), and then we double hit the new item and set the value to Yes.

3. After that, we will create a new three string values in the same way, named "GB2312", "Wem (FF)", "SYMBOL (02)", and then set the three inside values to Yes, yes, on, respectively.

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