How do I do ppt?

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Work out. How to do ppt? Do to the leader to see, do to the department to see, to be a customer to see?

Classic PPT Example: How to make a product introduction ppt?

To open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 First, the Office software is essential. Click "Design" in the menu bar after opening, the following theme appears, select a scheduled theme (the quickest way to do a ppt template), I chose this paragraph:

Then we'll add the title text on the topic. Here we will find that the theme we have just chosen will have the style of PPT, which is helpful to those who do not know how to use it:

Right-click the blank portion of the preview slide to the left and click New Slide:

After the appearance of the original PPT to add product introduction document, click on it can be written:

Next add the product introduction Picture: A new slide--insert--picture (also can find a picture in the template button click Add)

In the Pop-up File Selection window select the picture you want to insert, then click OK, adjust the picture size:

Do not have to do the product tutorial, here Add to the Beaver Nest PPT Converter This tutorial document:

After setting up each PPT demonstration animation, lets us the PPT to be more exquisite has the vigor, selects the menu bar the animation--to switch the scheme, in inside the style chooses a type which likes, each slide sets once, also may click All application.

After saving, a beautiful and dynamic PPT document is made!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple computer Tutorials section, triple Office group: 185219299 welcome you to join

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