How do I draw a slash in Excel?

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Now, a lot of people have to work with Office software. Many people are asking, how to draw a slash in an Excel table? Excel in the method of slash is very many, there are single slash, double Slash, three slash, four slash and so on a variety of, for this small set for the following tutorial, for Office enthusiasts Reference, hope that the vast number of office enthusiasts to apply, Excel 2013 ways to slash the way as shown below:

How to draw a single slash in Excel

First, the first unit Gechang and wide adjustment is a bit larger;

Excel draw Slash

Step Two: Click "Start"-"format-" To format cells, you can also directly select the first cell, and then right-click, in the pop-up drop-down list select "Format Cells", and then go to "border", click the "Slash" button, and then determine;

Excel draw Slash

Step three: Now back to the worksheet we can see a slash in the head of the table. Input text inside, as here I enter: "Region date";

Fourth step: How can we let the "region" to the top of the cell slash, so that "date" to the bottom of the slash? Here I have three ways to achieve this:

(1) The use of soft return (ALT + Enter): In the "Region" and "Date" with Excel shortcut key "ALT + return" (Soft return), and then in the "area" before the use of "space" slowly to adjust the position can be;

(2) Use superscript and subscript: Select "Date" and then right-click to select "Format Cells". Under special effects the "subscript" before the hook selected, determine, and then select "Region" to set it to "superscript", set up, and then use the "space bar" slowly adjust the position.

(3) Insert text box: Select Plugins, click the text Box button in the Text tab, then pull a "text box" entry area on the top of the slash, and then pull out the text box in the lower section of the slash, enter the date, and then select text box to click Format and select No fill in shape fill. , select "No contour" in "Shape contour";

Excel draw Slash

How, a simple single slash head on the draw, and then look at the production of multiple slash table method bar!

How do I draw a double slash in Excel

The method of making a diagonal head is different from that of a single slash, and it needs to be drawn with a line.

The first step: click the "Insert" tab, select the Inside "shape", under "line" select "line";

Excel draw Slash

The second step: using the "line" tool, in turn, draw two diagonal lines in the cell, the following figure;

The third step: Double slash has been completed, here we should be programmed with text information. It is recommended that you type the text information in the header slash by using the Insert text box. Click the Insert tab, select text box, pull out multiple text boxes in turn, and then enter text in the text box, select text box click Format, select No fill in shape fill, and select No outline in shape outline.

Excel draw Slash

Fourth step: Although the double slash has been drawn complete, but finally we put together the text boxes, press and hold the "Shift+ left mouse button" Click to select the text box, and then click Group in Arrange in the Format tab to combine the text box.

How to draw multiple slashes in Excel

If you are making a double slash to make a multiple slash that is a bit complicated, here to introduce a relatively simple and quick method, using Word to help draw a multiple slash method.

The first step: open Word to insert the table, and then adjust the length and width of the header, adjust to the table in Excel and the header, click the Layout tab, click the "Draw slash Head" button;

Excel draw Slash

Step two: In the "Insert slash header" that pops up, we can see that there are many styles in the header style, and you can preview to a few slashes, enter the text in the row heading and column headings on the right, and then determine;

Step three: After inserting a good slash header, we click to select the header, and then CTRL + C to copy it to Excel;

Excel draw Slash

Step Fourth: Finally, adjust the size of the slash header in Excel.

Excel draw Slash

Summary: After a few steps, I believe that we can be proficient in Excel table draw slash bar, the above by the Office Tutorial Learning Network Dedication, the purpose is to solve the problem in the work of the application of the difficult to do demo use, I hope you can take this reference, extrapolate, flexible use.

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