How do I enable or disable the tplink router guest network on a regular basis?

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The guest network is a wireless signal provided by the router for visitors. It supports timed enabling or disabling. For example, if you want to hold a family gathering in a certain period of time, you can set the guest network to be opened for the guests during this period of time, and the other time is disabled, thus effectively ensuring network security.
This article describes how to set the regular enable or disable guest networks.
Open the browser, clear the address bar, enter the vro management address, enter the administrator password, and log on to the page:
Note:: The administrator password is set when you first use a vro. If you forget the password, reset the vro and reset it.
Click Application Management  >  Installed applications, Enter Visitor network, As shown in the following figure:
Enable the guest network, set the wireless signal name and password to be provided to the guest, and set the corresponding permissions and rate. Opening time limitSelect Timed switch, As shown in the following figure:
Click   Add timed switch rules, Set the time period for the guest network to be opened, as shown in the following figure:
After setting, click Save.
Note:: If you want the rule to take effect immediately, go Restart and restore factory settings, Click Restart a vroWait until the restart is completed.
Now, the settings are enabled on the guest network. The guest network is automatically enabled during the specified time period and disabled during other time periods.
You may be concerned about the following issues:
The guest network is not automatically enabled within the set time. What should I do?
Only when the WAN port of the vro is connected to the Internet is the network time synchronized between the vro and the visitor's network time. Otherwise, the router runs at the default time, and the set time rule does not take effect.

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