How do I enter a key to upgrade to Windows 8?

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If you have a genuine window 8 Key, the first thing you should think about is upgrading your system, but you go to the official website to find "How to upgrade to Windows 8 using only one product key to upgrade to Windows 8 with one product Key" (see links below). and in accordance with its method upgrades, you will find a problem, you have the key does not use, because the next operation will allow you to spend 248 RMB to upgrade Professional Edition.


The following steps are based on the official website of the operation of the key to upgrade the Window 8 system.

First step: Install the Upgrade assistant as required.

The second step: will let you select the file to keep, recommend the second one.

The third step: depressed on the appearance, so that you spend 248 yuan to buy key, there is no input key page.

When this problem occurred, I turned to some people for the first time, and nobody knew why, later, or a master said to change the Language bar, perhaps the doomed bar, we use the Chinese version, and its use is English version, so he let's try to change the page language to English and so on, and then download the page upgrade assistant , a miracle appeared, the English version can be upgraded. The English version of the address is detailed in the following links:

After downloading the upgrade assistant in the English version, the upgrade step is:

To open the English version of the Web page download 5.18M upgrade file as detailed below:

The first step: first of all appear to let you enter the key page, but also wait for what quickly input key bar.

The second step: will test your key, so that you wait a while, the following picture appears.

Step three: According to the key you entered to determine what version of the system you are upgrading, my professional version.

Fourth step: Download window 8 online, calculate your time according to the speed of the network, my 90 minutes or so.

The fifth step: After the online upgrade is complete, the prompt will have many reboots the system, you regardless of it, lets it install itself, finally waits for uses the new system. If your step is here, then congratulate you to upgrade window 8 successful, quickly to experience the WINDOW8 features, window 8 for you to join.

Ps: Chinese version does not support the input serial number, the reason may be Microsoft crackdown on piracy, some people are in Taobao above buy serial number if according to what I said direct upgrade, follow-up black screen What, I am not responsible for, my idea is to support genuine.

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