How do I enter thousands of semicolons and an extremely great number in Word?

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How do Chiphi in Word?

Click insert → special symbol, the Insert Special Symbol dialog box appears, select the unit symbol label, you can find the thousand semicolon, double-click.

In addition, can also be in the English input state, press alt+0137 (keypad), you can also enter.

How do I play the word?

Click the insert → symbol, the Symbol dialog box appears, select Lucida Sans Unicode in the font, select the generalized punctuation in the sub set, and then click the Insert button below to find the extremely number. We can also find that next to it is Chiphi.

Case study:

I've had a problem recently. The company's accounts often need to enter a semicolon, I am in the word of the special symbols can not find, so trouble to help look for. In addition to the excessive requirements, from the special symbols to find symbols too tired, can give these special symbols are set a shortcut? So the younger brother's efficiency can be greatly improved, estimated from the bonus is also closer. Come on!

In fact, your problem is not difficult, in Word or Excel can easily find this symbol, choose Insert-symbol-special symbol, and then select the unit symbol, you want the thousand semicolon is inside. If you want to quickly enter it is not difficult, hold down the ALT key, and then enter 0137, your thousand semicolon can also come out. In fact, the operating system for all the symbols have been assigned a shortcut, select Insert-Symbol, and then select the inside you want to enter the symbol, you can see the symbol shortcuts in the picture, you may also click the shortcut keys ... button to set yourself up. In addition, you can also right-click on the toolbar, select the symbol bar, so there will be a symbol bar, the default is displayed at the bottom of the word window. You can click on the input symbol here, which contains the thousand semicolon you need.

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