How do I export files in PDF format in the CAD editor?

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How do I export files in PDF format in the CAD editor? In daily work, like designers and some builders often use CAD software to map, how to export PDF files in CAD is a necessary part of our work, how to export the PDF file in the CAD editor? How to operate? Let's teach you how to export PDF files in the Quick CAD editor. Small friends can be good to see HA, you will have a different harvest after reading.

Step one: First, the small partners on the computer desktop arbitrary open a browser, in the browser search box search quick CAD Editor, enter the official dot click to download and install the latest version of the CAD editor.

Step two: After the software download completes the installation, move the mouse to the computer desktop software location, double-click the left mouse button to open and launch the software, go to the Software's Operation page window.

Step three: Click on the "Files" tab in the leftmost menu bar above the software, and launch the command in the dropdown bar of the file, click the "Export" option and activate the command option.

Step four: After activating the Export command, a dialog box pops up, we select the file you want to export in the popup dialog and click Open, choose to save the file type to PDF format, click Save after the export is complete.

Well, the above is the small part of how to export the PDF file in CAD Today, the small partners have learned, I hope in your future work can help you. If you want to learn more about the use of sex CAD tutorials, you can query in the Quick CAD software help.

How do I export files in PDF format in the CAD editor?

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