How do I find the best place to shoot a sunset? Practical Photography Course

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Find your best place to shoot

The early bird catches the worm. Don't always wait until the last minute to look for a place to shoot, and know that during the whole sunset, we don't have the time to find two different directions and the perfect composition. We can choose to go out for a site visit at midday, and most photographers don't go out and shoot at this time, after all, the light conditions are not good at the moment. We can go out with light, or just take a portable camera to record the scene, so we don't have to get bogged down with heavy equipment.


Don't forget to figure out the exact direction and location of the sunset before you start surveying the site. We can search for relevant information through the Internet beforehand, then use the compass to locate it, or use the mobile app to help us confirm the relevant information. When we really start surveying work, remember that our goal is to find a place that is both suitable for shooting sunsets and for shooting sunset Sunset. Of course, two locations are not necessarily the same location, but if it is a different location, it is best not to leave too far, after all, we do not want to waste precious time on the walk.


Choose a little tip to shoot a sunset spot

Some people may prefer to incorporate the sun into their compositions while filming a sunset, but here we are more focused on the appearance of other landscapes at sunset. And for the sunset scene, the most important thing is to capture the golden light, if your composition is just a mountain or mountain, then the sunset will light the peak, and create a very attractive picture. In addition to the desire to be able to incorporate the elements of the mountain into the composition, I have also been more focused on finding locations where I can create layers and scenes of deep view. Emphasize the distance between the foreground and the background by using the foreground element.


In addition, we can try to find some features with visual guidance, so as to guide the viewer's view from the picture of the foreground to transfer to the background of the screen. Of course, we can also use some interesting scenery, such as a unique plant or some colorful rock as the foreground of the picture.

Tips on choosing a place to take a day behind sunset

Once the last rays of sunlight have disappeared on the horizon, we can begin to change the location of the shot and get ready to go into the process of filming the sunset. In the sunset scene behind the day, all the scenery on the ground is in shadow, at this time we no longer need to pay attention to the depth of the problem, but instead to focus on the shape of the scene itself, because at this time we want to be able to show in the picture with the fun of the silhouette and colorful sky contrast effect. The key to choosing a corner is that we need something that really has a strong sense of body, rather than a scene that is easily blurred in the dark.


When you find the right place to shoot, be sure to keep them in mind. If necessary, we can also use GPS and other positioning devices to help us determine the specific location of the shot, so that when we really do not get lost when shooting. Finally, you must remember to arrive at the shooting scene early. If there are a large number of clouds near the horizon in the sunset, the last rays of sunlight may appear earlier than we expected.


About the exposure at sunset

When the sun sinks and approaches the horizon, the entire scene will be more evenly exposed than it was earlier, but we may still need to use the medium grey gradient mirror to help us balance the exposure between the sky and the ground.

On the exposure of the sunset scene behind the shooting day

What we need to remember in this section is not to use the camera's mode of metering for the entire screen, like evaluating metering or matrix metering. Instead, use point metering and light the sky part of the picture. On the one hand, you can guarantee the color of the sky and the details of the perfect restoration, on the other hand, in order to make the picture in the foreground of the effect of the sketch.


The introduction of photography is actually very simple, but the world of light and Shadow is very wonderful, let countless people chasing and love, back on camera, to take the most beautiful moment. Photography actually brings us a kind of pursuit of a beautiful life, because want to film more beautiful, so will go to explore and search. The above is a tutorial network small series for everyone carefully collected content, hope can be a beginner photography friends benefit Oh.

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