How do I get rid of Windows error report files in the Win7 computer queue?

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Windows Error Reporting file, that is, when we have a Windows system error, prompted us a report form, we must use the Ghost Win7 64-bit flagship version of the download often can see it? Although this error reporting form has a certain user for the Win7 flagship system, but on the other hand, this error report will also bring the burden to our Win7 flagship system, the long-term accumulation, will let our system resources are occupied a lot of, cause our system runs not smooth, So how do we get rid of the Windows Error reporting file in the Win7 flagship computer queue? Below, small make up the detailed introduction of the Operation Method Bar!

1. First, we return to the Win7 flagship computer desktop location, and then find the desktop computer icon, we double-click the computer icon, into the Win7 flagship system of the Resource Manager window.

2. In the Open Explorer window, we right click on the C disk, and then select Properties, after entering the property Settings window, we click on the lower right corner of the Disk Cleanup.

3. Wait for the scan to complete, we click on the bottom of the window to clean up the System file button, and then again into the system file scan, waiting to complete, we in the "File options to delete" Check "System queue Windows Error Reporting file", and then click "OK" below, Then you can delete it.

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