How do I get rid of the background color in the Word2003 document?

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How do I get rid of the background color in the Word2003 document? Many friends in the work with Word, is not also encountered such a situation, the document has a background color, how also can't go off. In fact, Word2003 background color has the following several common situations: the entire word background color rather than some words have color, text was added to the background color, text was appended with character shading, copied from the page text, and then with the background color format. See these people are not surprised, there are so many ah, do not worry, the following small series to teach you to remove the background of the method. If you're interested, come and have a look first.


Click the Word document file name to open the document you want to work on. We see that the text has a distinctly purple background.

How do I get rid of the background? First select the sentence with the background and find the "paint Bucket" on the shortcut menu above, as shown in the picture.

Click on the Color option, click "No Color Fill", click.

The text background in the document becomes colored.

In the same way, if we add a background to some of the sentences (take Azure as an example), select the sentence and find "sky blue" in the color option in the "Paint Bucket" and click on it.

Text that needs to be added to the background becomes sky-blue. Is it easy?

The above is the Word2003 document in the background color how to remove the method, the operation is very simple, but we need to pay attention to first select with background text to do!

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