How do I insert multiple columns across rows in Excel?

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How do I insert multiple columns in Excel in rows? Inserting multiple rows into rows in Excel is also common, so how do we do that? Let's learn.


Open the Excel file and find the contents of the table to which you want to insert multiple columns.

First insert a row above the name, right-insert-whole line.

Then insert the Line table, enter 1-6 in order, and then copy and paste one line later.

Select all content, find the sort in the beginning, and customize the sort.

In the custom sort that appears, option selection is sorted by row, OK.

The main keyword is to select row 3, ascending, OK.

The inserted row is then deleted and a column is inserted between the columns.

The above is how to insert multiple columns in Excel introduction, the operation is very simple, we have learned? I hope this article can help!

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