How do I install a wired router?

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With the development of the network more and more quickly, home network equipment is gradually being recognized and accepted. Network technology is constantly upgrading, home network products from the earliest before the cat, hubs, switches, has been developed to the current broadband router. Home routers are designed to meet the needs of home surfing and small business, allowing multiple computers to share a single broadband line online. Although now broadband routing has entered tens of thousands of households, but there are many users of the router installation is not very clear, the following on the telecommunications broadband Routing simple Introduction

The broadband cable received from telecommunications, connected to the modem, a port connected to the telephone line interface. The other port is connected to the router's WAN port. As shown in the following figure

The next step is to use a network cable, from the router's WAN port (one of any 4 ports can be) connected to the computer network card port on it

Next open start-> the "Network Neighborhood"-> icon right click on the "Properties"-> "Local Area Connection"-> icon right click on the "Properties"-> in the pop-up dialog box, double-click Internet Protocol as shown in the following figure

Next set up the IP and default gateway, clay IP is based on the router's default network segment to correspond, such as your router default is that here needs to be set to 192.168.0.X (2~254), while the gateway to fill in the router's LAN address, This environment defaults to, and if you reset the router's LAN to something else, it needs to be done here. DNS section to set up the DNS provided by their local ISP, the best way is to dial the Internet, see a section of public IP under the address

Next set up the router, complete the above settings, from the browser input into the router input username password to determine, into the router management interface

Click "Network Parameters"-"WAN settings", the WAN connection type modified to "PPPoE", Internet Account "input ADSL account number," Internet password "input ADSL password." Save the changes by pressing the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. Note: When you are not connected to the ADSL, is fiber, or other lines, according to the type of supply to select the WAN type, and then set the appropriate IP, and some need to set dynamic access, can be. The desktop computer is already available online.

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