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If you do not know what to do in the morning, open the outlook reminder. I suddenly thought that I often forgot my family's birthday. I would like to use outlook to remember it now. Outlook 2003 has good support for the lunar calendar, and it is perfect to set a one-year cycle.

Of course, I want to synchronize it again. I will synchronize it with Google Calendar immediately. The result is that the date of the first year is correct (the calendar date converted from the lunar calendar is correct ), the second year is wrong.

Continue, synchronize to smartphone (wm6.1), it seems that nothing is seen


Go home and think about it. Continue the test. Synchronize the data from Google Calendar back to outlook. The Lunar date has all been converted to the Gregorian calendar (that is, wrong ).

Don't worry, try wm6.1 -- nothing left. It seems that wm6.1 is really not supported.


There are still many problems to solve when full synchronization is complete.


PS: no more. Time is wasted.

Test Platform:

Company: Outlook 2003 English version

Home: Outlook 2003 Simplified Chinese version

Mobile: Windows Mobile 6.1

Google Calendar: Chinese (calendar date can be viewed) 2008.6.12

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