How do I make a high-open message?

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A good member of the communication email, which links need special attention of marketing personnel? The following 9 tips from marketing experts from multi-channel intelligent marketing Services Webpower may help you create a runaway and productive email, and even have a long-term impact on your branded email marketing.

1. Golden Prime for mail delivery

GetResponse about the sending time of the survey data shows that 23.63% of the mail will be sent within 1 hours after the recipient opened, 2 hours of open rate is reduced to 9.52%, 3 hours after the Open data dropped 30%, 6.33%. The rate of open mail has been significantly reduced as it entered the Inbox, with an opening rate approaching 0% after 24 hours.

However, people sending emails are very different from the peak hours of viewing mail . 38.7% of people sent messages between 6 and 12 o'clock in the morning, which accounted for the highest percentage of shipments, followed by 29.6% from 6 o'clock in the evening to 12 o'clock in the morning, while the maximum message opening rate was from noon 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock in the evening, to 10.61% The opening rate for the morning period is 7.05%.

Webpower China believes that the morning 8-9 and 3-4 p.m. is the prime time for the business to email marketing activities, users are more willing to read the mail in this period, to a certain extent, increase the probability of business sales of products. In addition, to avoid e-mail promotion during rush hour, merchants should also consider their own industry characteristics and member's specific data feedback to send optimization, and pay attention to the difference in different countries and regions, to avoid the wrong estimate of the mail sending time.

2. appropriate picture and text ratio

The proportion of the whole message, in the early stages of the mail template planning to plan. Sometimes the mail background image is more powerful than the text, and sometimes the simple copy can be expressive. The right combination of graphics and text can make the message better delivered by the brand.

For example, the British high street brand Topshop's summer promotional mail, with a warm smiling face as a head map, filled with summer lively and refreshing. Light up the theme of "Summer Sale" and remind Topshop to come out in the new season. With Shopnow as the CTA button, cleverly integrated in the head text case. There are no discount information for stacked items, and no flashing numbers are showing off. A neat promotional email briskly passes to the user Topshop the last summer discount begins.

For example, the British fashion e-commerce Asos this e-mail through the male and female model wearing effect display, as well as the price tag, to attract users attention to the single item. The Cheap Monday stimulates the user's purchase by using the Skull icon as the CTA button, which meets the trend.

3. make the recipient feel special

In addition to coupons and promotions, you have other ways to express your thanks to users! such as the first preview of the video, access to new information, express delivery, and so on, thoughtful care, so that users look like a queen. The application of this strategy should not be limited to a small number of VIP users, for all users, you can make good use of. Let every user feel that they are treated differently.

4. combined with hot events, local weather, environment and other specific factors

At a time when users are in a much cooler area, the following theme is "not as good as the action (perfect excuse for shopping)", and users will be more likely to open and read e-mails because it is closely related to them, and people always devote more attention to their own information. This can also explain why many holiday mail marketing effect is not as expected, because you want to borrow public holiday to let more people open the mail, but not for different regions, different users to do segmentation, send more personalized holiday mail.

5. Use visual elements to tell stories

design an endorsement icon for your brand , create a series of cartoon images that fit with the brand image and appeal, let the user accept and love, and let it become the basic element of the brand. Export this cultural symbol in the mail. At the same time, some special illustrations are stories-telling, and Dropbox is particularly adept at using illustrations in e-mails to make it easier for users to get their attention, and to continue using it to create lasting impressions in the user's mind. Many companies have professional designers who can ask them to create some illustrations specifically for e-mail.

The use of Gif animations will make email stand out. When we open the BuzzFeed, the oncoming GIF always makes a two-minute easy get article about, shorter than the video, richer than the picture, GIF news for those who do not bother to read the text of the reader to provide a more time-saving way of reading, but also for the message added fun.

6. use elements such as numbers, data, symbols, and inscription

Although Zapier's message looks very lengthy, its layout makes it easy to read. In this e-mail, a visually segmented layout with easy-to-read browsing, with buttons, interesting facts, real and attractive CEO senders, makes the content more persuasive and authoritative.

To the company's most influential real people to send users thanks, instructions, and other e-mails, is the mail promotion of the weapon. When a user sees an e-mail message sent from a large pile of machines, it is easier to open and read the contents of the message. In 2012, the author contacted a hand-painted prototype of the app "Pop", like any popular app, not a few weeks it quit the phone screen. Two years later, it was quite a surprise to receive an email signed by Pop co-founder. POP Select Wake-up app with email to sleep users.

7. capture users with color learning

Color affects our emotions and even drives our behavior. For example, red evokes appetite, blue makes people think calmly, yellow warmth has love and so on. For the restaurant delivery of the GrubHub, this e-mail use of color to learn psychological knowledge, so that users in the unconscious of the idea of the birth of order. In the design of the mail, the company is not the color of the missing part, but also to do some timely innovation, to the user's feeling refreshing.

8. more simple and interesting marketing activities

Under the premise of the customer's permission, we can make the brand look trustworthy by using various external influence factors such as company name, Logo, case and so on, which have been accepted by the public in the mail. This applies not only to small businesses, start-ups, but also to large companies that maintain brand leadership.

For example: Uber and the streaming music service platform Spotify, which is regarded as an opponent of Apple streaming music, is an alliance partner that currently has a direct link to Spotify's entrance in the Uber APP, and with the bundle, Uber will get a list of people you like to listen to from Spotify's system. Play through Spotify's music library while the user is on the bus.

Here's an email that advocates music rides, Uber introduces Spotify and offers users the chance to share a ride with rock star Diplo. Uber is like taking a taxi to get ice cream, a truck decorated with art and other interesting topics to promote e-mail for the love of the early adopters of the taxi group of young consumers, more willing to participate in the campaign, and form a word-of-mouth propaganda.

9. Manufacturing user Identity

Stable transmission frequency is the key to cultivate users ' reading habits. Routine e-mail communications can provoke a spike in the recipient's dopamine (typical neurotransmitter), while the ongoing e-mail push for new products can solve the "worry-missed" anxiety of the user.

Although frequency and repetition are the basis for creating habitual behavior, unexpected surprises are catalysts for maintaining user interest. A key factor in Product Hunt's good mail marketing is that the content has been validated. Because the product has been selected before the majority of votes on the site, so the content of the message itself is more likely to resonate with users. In addition, product Hunt applies social identity principles directly to e-mails, showing how many polls and comments each product has in the message content.

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How do I make a high-open message?

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