How do I make a picture in a Word document appear quickly

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I open a Word document, the picture shows slowly, wait until the flowers are all thanks ... Do you have a shortcut?

Serving: Sweet and sour print Preview

When you open the document, quickly click the "Print Preview" button, the picture will be clearly displayed immediately, and then close the Print Preview window, all the inserted pictures immediately show up quickly.

Fast Watermark Making

Often see a number of documents in the watermark, how to do it? If you turn to some software, it seems rather troublesome.

Serving: Mandarin Duck pot

Eating hot pot, mandarin duck pot brings us two different kinds of wonderful enjoyment. Add a watermark to text and pictures? Let Word Help. Click on the Word 2003 menu bar "format → background → watermark" (see Figure 1), select "Text watermark", and then select the appropriate words in the "text" column (company top secret, department top secret, do not bring out, confidential, circulated, sample, original), or another input text. If you choose a "picture watermark", and then find a picture to be a watermark pattern, make sure that the watermark is finished. can set the size, color, layout, location and so on. Mark, beautiful, both Qi Mei!

Easily cut PPT pictures

PPT for product demonstration or production of courseware, many pictures need to be cut processing, such as oval, star shape and so on. Photoshop I don't use it skillfully, is there any easy way?

Serving: Flavor Fill Color

With the PPT "drawing" tool can be achieved. First draw a graphic that you want to crop, such as an ellipse. Okay, here's the key. With the ellipse selected, click the Fill Color button on the Drawing toolbar to the right black triangle, select the Fill Effect command from the list menu, open the Picture tab, click the Select Picture button (see Figure 2), locate the appropriate picture from the file, click Insert, and go back to the Fill Effect dialog box to determine. OK, this picture becomes the ellipse, equal to this picture fills in an ellipse, the cutting effect is good!

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