How do I make Word document paragraphs bold in bulk

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At the end of the total to collate a number of review materials for students to recite, using Word to arrange the noun interpretation encountered a problem: the collation of a good noun has hundreds of, you need to set the beginning of each paragraph of the noun into bold words to highlight (Figure 1), but one by one set is too troublesome. Ask Dong Master to help think of a good way to set up quickly.

Master dong: You find that the noun explanation you have in common is that there is a colon after the noun that needs to be bold. Using this feature, we can use the Text conversion table function in Word2010 to easily implement the noun batch bold setting.

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Because the Text conversion table feature only recognizes half-width symbols, if you are using a full-width colon, select Replace in the Edit Group on the Start tab. Enter a full-width colon in Find what in the Find and Replace window, and replace with to enter a half-angle colon, and then click Replace All to convert.

Press the "CTRL + a" key to select all the text, and then switch to the Insert tab. Click Table to select Text to table from the Drop-down list, choose the other characters option in the text-separated position in the pop-up window, and enter a half-width colon in the following input box (Figure 2). The number of rows can be calculated automatically by word, without input. Then when you click OK, the full text is converted into a table, and the 1th column of the table is the noun text to be bold at the beginning of each paragraph, and the 2nd column is the interpretation of the noun. All you have to do is point the mouse to the top of the 1th column, and when the cursor becomes the downward arrow, click to select all the nouns in the 1th column, and then you can set it to bold.

When set, position the input cursor in the table, switch to the Layout tab of the Table tool, and click Convert to Text. Select the other characters option in the table Convert to Text window and enter a half-width colon in the following input box (Figure 3). OK to revert to the original text, of course, now all nouns have been bold.

After using this method, if you want to select all the nouns to modify the format, you can quickly select all the nouns by right-clicking on any bold noun and selecting "style → text with similar formatting".

Tips Tips

If there is a colon in the interpretation, the converted table will have more than two columns, and a colon will appear at the end of each paragraph when you revert to text. Use the Find feature to replace ": ^p" with "^p" to quickly delete all the end of the line colon (where "^p" is "return").

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