How do I manage layers in a CAD drawing?

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How do I manage layers in a CAD drawing? After the designers have finished editing the CAD drawings, it is necessary to pay customers to view, but sometimes in order to facilitate the customer to better view the CAD drawings, you need to make the CAD drawing layer management, so it is convenient and fast to view, but in the CAD editor how to manage the layers in the CAD drawing? How to do it, let's teach you how to manage the layers in the CAD drawing in the Quick CAD editor? Carefree wingman friends will come to see it, hope to help you.

The first step: the computer does not install the Quick CAD editor of the small partners still need to search in the browser Quick CAD Editor, and then click to download and install the latest version of the CAD editor, after the download is complete, double-click Start the software, go to the Editor's action window.

Second step: After entering the operation window of the editor, we will click on the "Open new File" button in the Editor dialog, then open the CAD drawing file which will need to be edited in the popup dialog box.

Step three: After opening the CAD drawing file, you need to switch the editor's menu bar to the Viewer tab, and then locate and select the Layer button in the CAD drawing settings.

Fourth step: After clicking the Layer button, in the Popup "Layer" dialog box has "open", "freeze", "color", "Linetype", "line width", "lock" and other functions, we can according to their own needs to manage the layer, set up, click on the bottom right corner of the dialog box "Close" button, exit the dialog

The above is how to manage the layers in CAD drawings in the CAD editor, as long as the above steps to complete the operation, I hope to help you.

How do I manage layers in a CAD drawing?

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