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Recently a lot of PPT enthusiasts ask:pptx file How to open ? They usually only see the PPT,PPS,PPTV name, now come out a pptx, with PPT software open all have no effect. What to do?

In fact, many people in life have encountered pptx file how to open this problem, the following PPT tutorial network to explain why you!

PPTX format is the default save file format in PowerPoint2007 or above, so this explains a lot of questions about how to open the Pptx file with the PPT software or 3002 version. Because the earlier version of 2003 or earlier was not able to open the format of the pptx generated by version 2007 or above. So what does this really do?

Things always have a solution, here ppt tutorial nets teach you five ways to open pptx files.

Method One: Open the pptx file with the online tool

There are a lot of such online tools on the Internet to open pptx format files, do not download, do not have to install directly online can open, the recommended use of "NetEase document View", you can quickly online preview of local and online documents.

Method Two: Install PPT Compatibility Pack

This Compatibility Pack supports the format in Office 2007 and Office 2010, and your Office 2003 can preview, edit, and use pptx format files after installation.

Swipe here to download

Method Three: Convert pptx into PPT format in PowerPoint2007

You can find a PowerPoint2007 version of the computer or find a friend using the 2007 version to help you switch, the procedure is very simple. Open the Pptx file in the PowerPoint2007 version, and then click Office Button and then select Save As to select PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation on the right and then click the Save button to complete the conversion.

Method Four: Install a later version of the software.

You can choose to download PPT2007 or PPT2010 version of the software, download the address: PPT2007 software Download | PPT2010 software Download

Method Five: Download and install WPS

The last method is to install the domestic PPT production software: WPS2012. Download address: wps free download

Read the above article, if you still have pptx file how to open such a question, then you can leave your questions, see the message, small make up the first time to answer your questions oh.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple computer tutorial section, triple Computer office group: 189034526 welcome you to join

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