How do I prevent routers from being hijacked?

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Recently, the news about the security door of the router is constantly, the media exposure router is vulnerable to attack and rub net. Recently, a netizen exposed WiFi security vulnerabilities, once the network, routers hijacked, then the user online banking information will be leaked, and even be modified. In order to avoid the user security risk, the author teaches everybody how to prevent the router to be hijacked, in which as long as completes the security protection, can effectively avoid the router to be hijacked.

  1, modify the router default user name and password

Whether it's a wired or a wireless router, its default login admin account and password only for admin, here there is a great security risk, once the computer has been hacked, then hackers can through many well-known router default management password, landing routers, so you can monitor the entire network and hijacking routers.

Workaround: Modify the router default username and password, do not use the default admin, can be changed to the letter plus number of high-strength password, you can refer to the above detailed links.

  2, set up a complex wireless encryption mode

In addition to modifying the default router management login username and password, wireless network password is also critical, often found some friends, direct wireless password set to super simple 12345678, this super simple wireless password, undoubtedly quite easy to be cracked by others.

The specific solution is: first of all, the wireless encryption is set to the highest level of WPA2 encryption authentication, and then set a more complex wireless password, it is recommended to use the letter + Digital + special symbols of the combination, which can greatly prevent wireless router wireless password suffer from cracking and attacks.

3, the default management address of the router to modify the local special IP specified, the router MAC address filtering function, only allow the known device access;

Enable router MAC address filtering

This setting method is to bind the computer MAC address that needs to be connected to the Internet every day in the router, while other not bound computer all can not connect, belong to a kind of comparatively advanced wireless security way, need to see the MAC address that need to connect a device, then bind in the router one on one.

4, in the equipment installed with the ARP LAN protection function of the security software, to prevent hackers to scratch the net hijacking;

5, often login to the router management backstage, to see if there is no understanding of the equipment connected to the WiFi wireless equipment, if any, in time to clear it.

View wireless Router wireless connection devices

The specific method for landing router management interface, then go to "Wireless settings"-in the host state, you can see which wireless devices are connected to our network, as shown in the picture above, the author of a computer and mobile phone is connected, are their own equipment, indicating that there is no rub net.

6, do not casually tell the people who are not credible your wireless password;

7, Smart mobile phone log mobile device is best not to "jailbreak" or root, and also do not connect the routing of Unknown Wireless network;

8, turn off the router Wps/qss function.

Router WPS/QSS features are generally not used, the default function is turned off, if you have been turned on before, please turn off the router Wps/qss function.

Finally, if you find that your router has been hijacked, the DNS address has been tampered with, please change it back immediately. and modify the router login password, wireless password, and in accordance with the above way to enhance the security of the router.

In fact, to prevent the router hijacked is not difficult, as long as the above 8 methods to optimize some, you can ensure that your wireless router more than 99% of the absolute security, the recent router security door problems constantly, if you do not have the security of the router to optimize the words, hurriedly to strengthen security settings bar.

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