How do I restore my router settings?

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Everyone in the use of routers often encounter some situations, such as the configuration of the router changes, resulting in the normal use of the Internet, in this case, we need to restore the router settings, then how to operate? In this experience, I will provide you with two options and related recommendations. , we quickly come to watch this article experience bar.

Perform a reset operation using physical hardware methods

If we find that our routers are not able to access the Web interface management side, in this case, we can only use a hard handling solution. When the router is powered up, we press thereset button on the back of the router, we must hold down the wait for more than 5s, and then wait for all the LEDs on the router device to light up, which means that the router resets successfully, and then the router restores the factory settings. We will also restore the router's factory settings.

Log on to the router management side to perform the reset operation

If we can go into the router's management interface, then we login to the router's management ip:, and then look at the image below to operate. Tap into the router's system Tools interface and select " Restore factory settings ."

Click the " Restore factory Settings " button, and then click " OK " in the Prompt box that pops up on the page.

Finally, we wait for the router to reboot, and then reconfigure the router's Internet settings.

Solutions to prevent router configuration loss

First of all, to ensure that our router configuration is not accidentally lost, so we first remember to save our router configuration. Click System Tools to select Backup and load configuration .

Then click on " backup Configuration " and then select a save location on your hard drive to save our associated configuration on the router.

If we successfully restore the router's factory settings and then select Load Profile , we can successfully restore the Internet configuration of our previous routers.

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