How do I save a WPS document in the file format I need?

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WPS three sets of PowerPoint presentation is commonly used in the production of software, but sometimes for some reason to want to save their own PPT format to the format, then the specific should be how to achieve the purpose of the operation, today, small set their own experience to share.

1, since it is a question, presumably everyone's computer has been installed WPS demonstrated this software, if not can be downloaded online, can also be downloaded in 360 software butler, small knitting in this does not guide the installation.

2, then open you want to modify the format of the PPT. As shown in the figure, when you double-click the template, the template is closed.

3, Next appears "New from More Templates" and "open", select Open.

4, and then find the format you want to modify the PPT. You can see the "File type" optional box below; A point-to-point check will appear with the format type selected, and then save your favorite format type.

5, then how can the new PPT directly saved into the desired format, in fact, is also very simple.

6, then appear step 4 of the screen, here can also have saved themselves into the desired name.

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