How do I see the WiFi-intensive devices through the router?

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With the popularity of WiFi, all kinds of smart devices at home are connected to WiFi hotspots and surf the web. However, as the leader of a home network, we must know how to manage speed, for example, through routers to see how many devices are connected to our WiFi. The following small series is responsible for the work, we must share the knowledge of these routers to everyone, today to teach you how to use the router to view the WiFi-occupied equipment.

How do routers see how many devices are online?

Look at the wireless router has several computers online, in fact very simple, as long as the router to log in the background management interface, you can view, the specific methods are as follows;

1, login router background management interface, and then enter the login account and password login, as shown in the picture:

2, after entering the router management interface, and then in the wireless settings "host State" can be viewed to the current router has several computers online, as shown in the following figure:

The smaller part of the router, currently only a small series of a person connected to use.

Special note: Ordinary wireless routers can only recognize a few computers (including smartphones, tablets, notebooks) online, but can not detect specific devices.

If it is a smart router, it is relatively more advanced, you can see specifically, is the mobile phone, flat or computer online, as shown in the following picture:

Note: Millet router is a well-known router, can be detected in detail, access to the specific type of router equipment.

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