How do I set a strong password?

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When a user sets a password on a website, the site generally gives a reference to the password strength. such as "weak", "medium", "strong" and other tips. At this time to try to meet its "strong" requirements, so that more reliable.

  Which passwords are absolutely not available

When setting passwords, try to avoid using personal information, including personal and partner names, birthdays, cell phone numbers, ID numbers, and so on. This information is often in a public state and is easily deciphered and guessed.

At the same time, try to use different passwords, not a password "go the World", so in the face of security violations, but also bring a ripple effect.

In addition, also try to avoid using too simple single character category password, previously, a domestic network security company issued a professional research report on the strength of the password, and listed the Chinese users the most commonly used 10 passwords, including: abc123, 123456, Xiaoming, 12345678, Iloveyou, admin, qq123456, Taobao, Root, wang1234

The common problem of these passwords is that the length is too short, the form of a single lack of change, and the content is too simple, users in setting the password to avoid these problems, not for a while, reduce the safety factor of the account.

  How to set a high strength password

1, from the content of the view, should be able to remember, but others are difficult to associate information. Using personal information from your cousins or co-workers is safer than using your own. At the same time, you can choose a more private anniversary or vocabulary combinations.

2. In form, it should include at least three groups in the following character categories: uppercase letters, lower-case letters, numbers, non-numeric symbols (such as &<@*!$>_, etc.). At the same time, some simple memory changes can be made, such as I turn!, the letter o becomes the digital 0,11 into 2ge1 (two one).

3, in order to facilitate memory, should try to be meaningful content, but insert other characters or homophonic, such as "Just for You" can be set to "Just4_u". You can also stretch at length. For example, "Shezhimima" can become "S_he_zhi_mima" (inserts a symbol between a certain gap and capitalizes the letter in a particular position), and "MyPassword" can become "M." Y. P. A. S S W. O. R. D-1 ". Or you can use mathematical notation to set a password, such as "5*5+5=30?" Yes! ".

4, in addition to their own password security level can be differentiated, the bank, the password level of the mailbox should be higher, social networking sites such as relatively low, forum login, etc. are lower. For more need to protect the password not only to set relatively complex, but also pay attention to the timing of changes.

With the recent two years of password leakage events occur frequently, some basic encryption (such as MD5, Caesar password), etc. are also used in the password settings, some password generation software can also be for different accounts for password generation.

How to manage passwords

The most commonly used is the use of paper and pens to record, theoretically the safest way to manage passwords. But easy to lose, and modify management inconvenience.

As a result, some password management software is also beginning to be popular, such as LastPass, 1Passsword, Keepass, RoboForm and intuitive Password, these cross-platform password management software, Designed to allow users to use a password to encrypt and manage other passwords, and complete the login process, providing a memory, not stored password management scheme.

At present, the software in the security of the query is small, but some of the higher fees, or in the operation of some inconvenience.

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