How do I set the automatic sequence number for the WPS table?

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When you use a table to enter data, you often use ordinal numbers. The table itself has an ordinal number, but its sorting does not match the effect that is displayed after printing. There is only one way to add an ordinal, but there are two ways to sort it. A kind of automatic sorting, an auto sort. Each has its own advantages.

Add method with ordinal not automatically sorted

1, in the first position of the table number, enter 1, the mouse moved to the lower right corner of the box, waiting for the mouse pointer to become a black cross, hold down the left button down drag. The mouse pointer state is different, and the corresponding function is not the same. Must pay attention, otherwise cannot use the function which needs.

2, the drag process is this state, to meet the needs of the number of numbers, release the left button. Look at the number of the table on the left, we need the number is smaller than it a few.

3, the serial number is generated. This method applies to tables with fewer ordinal numbers.

4, when there is a row of data do not, after the deletion, you will find that the number of permutations is wrong. The number of tables can not be changed by serial number, which requires the ability to automatically sort the serial number.

Adding method of ordinal order automatically

1, click to select the first ordinal position, select the "formula" in the menu bar "Find and Reference", click on it, in the pop-up window select "ROW" function. If you want to understand the meaning of this function, you can select "Insert Function" in the blank, click on the function name, there are specific instructions below.

2, the form of the input box will appear in the image of the content. Do not use the pop-up window, click the input box, after the parentheses enter-1. The goal is to have the input ordinal number 1 less than the ordinal number of the table itself. The number of the table with ordinal 1 minus 1 equals several, minus a few after the function. For example: The table has an ordinal number of 3, a custom ordinal number is 1, and after the parentheses, enter-2.

3, the input content after determination.

4, the input box will become a number.

5, select 1 of the input box, when the lower right corner of the input box into a black cross, hold down the left mouse button down to drag, to the specified number of lines after releasing the left button, the serial number automatically generated. This method is applicable to tables with more serial numbers.

Auto Sort Delete Row effect

1, the form of continuous multiple selection: Click the Start table, hold down the SHIFT key, click the End table. Look, it's all selected.

2, form to select more than one line: Click the table in front of the number of its own, select the entire row, hold down the CTRL key, select other rows, the same is the click of the table with the serial number.

3, delete the single multiple lines: on any one of the selected lines, right-click the menu, click "Delete". The selected line disappears. If you click on the selection is not the number of places, will pop up the window to ask, select the content you want to delete.

4, after the deletion of lines, the ordinal order automatically.

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