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At present many browsers, many people in their own computer installed more than one browser, but often used only one, such as 360 browser, Firefox Liu, Google Browser, roaming, Sogou, QQ browser. When you need to set your favorite browser as your default browser, how do you set your favorite browser as your default browser? Below PC6 download station to share with you how to set the default browser method.

In fact, it is very simple, open the Control Panel select Add or Remove Programs, and then select Set Program Access defaults, and then click Custom, you can set the default browser.

One: First into the computer desktop from the bottom left, the beginning to find "control Panel" to "Add or Remove Programs" and then select "Set Program Access Defaults" Finally select the custom, the following figure:

As shown above, we can find the choice of a default browser in the custom, if you need to set IE browse to the default, then select "Intelnet Explorer" can be. If you want to set the other one, because the author of the computer only installed with IE browser, so the above only see a, if the computer installed more than one browser, we can choose another, the following figure:

Install multiple browsers select the default browser

The above settings can be completed, of course, there are many ways to set the default browser, such as also can modify the registry, but for novice friends more trouble, here is not introduced.

Another method can be set up in the corresponding browser installed and so on.

Here to 360 Browser For example, click the "Tools" → "options" will appear following the interface (if not shown on the right side of the "General" option)

Let's see the middle one. Two check boxes after the default browser, check box before using the 360 browser as default browser (settings are automatically saved)

If the above can not solve your troubles, I guess you should use Sogou browser or QQ browser, roaming browser, and so on, these browser settings method reference 360 of the default browser settings can be. are in "tools" → "Options" here. Take a closer look and you'll find it, ~!.

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