How do I set up a scheduled backup when I edit a document in WPS office text?

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WPS as the most users of office software outside office, the mastery of its performance is also particularly important to our office work. and WPS Office provides a variety of ways to save files, in addition to manual save mode, but also automatically save the file is being edited, so as to avoid the computer suddenly shut down caused by the loss of documents; then how do I set up a scheduled backup when I edit the document in WPS Office text? The following small series for you to introduce, to see it!


1, in the upper left corner of the "WPS Text" button;

2, pop-up dialog box, select the lower right corner of the "Options" button;

3, pop-up dialog box after the choice of "General and save";

4, configure the automatic save time, the system defaults to 10 minutes backup, you can enter such as 1 minutes automatically save, and you can choose whether to allow the "first time to save files when the backup file" option;

5, set up after the click to determine;

6. In the future, the system will be automatically backed up again in 1 minutes after using WPS to edit the document;

  Attention matters

Step 1 must click the "WPS Text" button, not the "WPS Text" button to the right of the downward arrow;

This is the WPS Office text editing documents how to set up a regular backup method, I hope to help you!

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