How do I set word spacing?

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How does Word line spacing set? Word to adjust line spacing is one way of typesetting. Word line spacing adjustments are often used in typesetting, so how does word spacing be set? The following small series for everyone to introduce word row spacing set method, to see it!


How do we need to make the line spacing between the next few lines 1 larger?

Select the lines that you want to adjust, and if it's all, press CTRL + A on the keyboard (full-selection shortcuts)

Select the paragraph selection card below the Start menu to open the Paragraph dialog box

In the Paragraph dialog box, select the Indent and Spacing tab, and find line spacing in the spacing

Here we modify the line spacing to twice times the line spacing

After clicking on the confirmation button, you can see the line spacing just set

Another way to set the line spacing: Select the line spacing you want to set, right-click-Select the paragraph, and open the Paragraph dialog box for further setup

The above is word line spacing Set method diagram, operation is very simple, we follow the steps above to operate can, hope to help everyone!

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