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Recently, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS with my friends. I am studying js in a rough way. I want to develop a webpage on pig Bajie. can I improve my skills, or is there any other way to improve the level and the developer's Standardization ??? Recently, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS with my friends. I am studying js in a rough way. I want to develop a webpage on pig Bajie. can I improve my skills, or is there any other way to improve the level and the developer's compliance?
? ? ? Reply content: 99% of works will not be accepted. Why. I have made several designs for pig.

In fact, LS is right, and more than 80% of the works will not be accepted. Although for you personally, you just want to have a task to drive you, in fact, the pleasure of money is incomparable, after all, how can we make some money as a Web client. However, when you look at the pages that are worse than you, you will be forced to adopt the works of several grades, and the pages/designs that you carefully crafted can only be at the bottom of the screen, but it will bring a great blow.

At the same time, the domestic environment is not good, and Weike often becomes a cheap labor force. In contrast, the foreign environment is much better. If conditions are met, the ability is good, the English is good, and HTML & CSS is skillful, consider making a fortune.

E. g: Hire freelancers and find freelance jobs instantly Pig saw luck and took two tickets. One ticket was very good, and the other did not give money. I don't know what's going on now. Many of them are down to the Lord. Take orders from various channels and outsource them at a low price. At this time, it is better to build a personal website, and then meet some people, relying on friends to introduce more reliable than pig. I won't tell you that my friend shared a website he designed a while ago on another Web Design website, and someone else took the initiative to look for him to design it, it's just that the home page and the cut graph are all sent to thousands ......
Then when he used to mix the pigs, he couldn't even get 200 or 300 ......
Yes, I am in the dark pig;
Then, no.
............ Split line ............
In addition, your technology is not worth the money. The value of pig is too low to be worth it. You can plan a dazzling personal website, describe your own business, and then answer questions about zhihu's website, and add your website URL to your signature, someone will look for you. I have found a ticket through zhihu. I have just learned how to use HTML CSS js to receive a ticket from an outsourced website?
To be honest, I was surprised to see the problem of the landlord.
I have been learning the front-end for more than a year. I have written the basic response and semantics, and I have been familiar with the front-end framework. I have been engaged in almost seven or eight projects, I have worked independently on the front-end of the entire website, independently played canvas games (although not performing well), and worked on others.
However, as of now, I have not earned a penny on this ......
(In fact, it is not completely unpaid. The boss of the previous project invited me to have a few meals ......)

(The startup teams of senior students are mainly involved in several projects. They said they could improve the project development capability and pull me in. They are not very easy to ask for money ......)

After reading the problem of the landlord, I suddenly felt cheated. Is it because the landlord thinks it is so beautiful, or is it silly for me? I have decided to turn to Elance and freelancer in the US and Macao, and I am tired of pig ······

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