How do I use itunes's promo code to buy software?

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What is promo code? How to use and where to enter promo code?

Similar to the promotional gift code, usually in the author or some activities can sometimes be achieved, do not need to select the software or music, directly enter the promo code will be directly downloaded to obtain the product. At present, there is no promo code mechanism in Taiwan's Itune/app store, so the current usage is usually referring to the use of promo code in the Itune/app store in the United States.


1. Promo code for the product

2. U.S. Itune/appstore Account

First, describe the way to use itune

Log in to the top right corner of ITunes and there's a drop-down arrow on the right.

Pull down the menu, there's a redeem project.

When you click, you'll jump into the redeem page.

Enter the promo code here.

Success will tell you success and start downloading.

Second, the use of the IPhone directly to download the way

Click on the App Store to enter

On either page, click the featured on the left to enter

Then pull to the bottom and select the Redeem item

And then it's just the same. Input promo Code.

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