How do I use the cmd command to hide files on my computer?

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The simplest way to hide a folder:

The first step: in the operation of the input cmd (you can use Win+r shortcut to open), enter, open the Command Line window, as shown in the following figure:

CMD command

Step two: Switch to the hard disk partition that you want to create a folder in the command Line window, such as D disk

Enter D:

Step three: Enter MD 123. Carriage return, note that there are 2 decimal points after the folder name

Let's see if you've got a folder called 123. It is not allowed to enter and can not be deleted! If you don't believe it, try it! The effect is as follows screenshot:

If you want to delete or enter this folder, what should be done? It's also simple:

If you want to delete, enter Rd 123 in the Command Line window, you can delete, of course, before you delete the documents are not required, do not delete the wrong, or you can not make up.

If you want to enter, enter the start d:123 in the Command line window ... (note here must be the absolute path of the folder, otherwise can not open this folder), you can do whatever you want to let others see the information put in!

< need to hide the tools folder in the E disk bak directory e:baktools< span= "" >

Running: cmd

Type: attrib +s +a +h +r Then, you go back to see the e Disk Bak directory, there are tools this folder!

This is true to hide, whether or not you show hidden files, this folder is not visible

What do you do when you need a visit?

Open My Computer---type e:baktools to enter directly, on condition that you have to remember your own hidden folder name (remember)

Now you need to cancel the hidden folder, as follows:

Running: cmd

Type: attrib-a-s-h-R e:baktools

Enter the e disk Bak directory, you will find the Tools folder displayed

Note. " Hidden file "method is a bit practical, using this method to hide after the" My Computer "-Tools-Folder Option-View-" Hide protected operating system files "before √ Remove-OK, hidden files will be displayed. A good way to really keep people from reading is to use software to encrypt passwords.

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