How do I use the fontawesome icon directly on PS?

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It is estimated that many front-end people know that Fontawesome is a free and useful Web font icon, as long as the introduction of this font in CSS icons, it can directly through the class to generate an icon, and free to use. The number of icons has been updated to 585, including popular app UI application icons, branding icons, and more. Today we will teach you how to use the Fontawesome directly on Photoshop or AI, so that you can make UI design more convenient in the future, so let's talk about the method below.

  Step 1: Download Fontawesome fonts

Official Download Address: Http://

After downloading, install the TTF file to the system's font directory.

  Step 2: Use font Awesome icon font on PS or AI

Open Cheatsheet page:

Select the icon you want, copy, as shown below:

  Step 3:

Paste on PS or AI (text input state), you may see this, don't worry, look below.

That is because we do not select the font, the font selected as font awesome OK, the following figure:

Well, if you still don't understand, please leave a message at the bottom of this article.

Attach ps Delete all hidden layers and blank no content layer method once

  Remove all hidden icons

Click on the top right corner of the layers panel to expand the menu and choose Remove hidden layers so that the software automatically deletes all hidden layers.

  Remove all blank layers

Click on the "File" menu, select "Script-delete all empty layers", so that the software will delete all blank, no content of the layer

The above method is very simple, especially for large file processing, or very helpful.

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