How do I use the WiFi key?

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WiFi Universal Key Android version usage:

1. Open WiFi Universal key software, first to open WiFi, so as to start scanning the nearby hot spots

2. Click "One key Query Universal key", in the interface will show you in the vicinity of all the hot names, some hot spots will show a blue key

3. Click on the hot spot with the blue key, select "Universal Key Automatic Connection"

4. Will enter this page after successful connection

5. You can click on the hot spot on the connection, check "backup Hotspot", at the same time, you can connect to "share hot spots", easy to connect again later Oh!

6. WiFi Universal key hot spots are everyone to share oh, we recommend that you can check "more"-"Application Settings"-"Automatically share connected hotspots"

  WiFi Universal Key Computer version of the use of:

1. First download WiFi universal key PC version software

2. To normal use of the "WiFi Universal Key PC version" program, the computer must be configured with a wireless network card. Under normal circumstances, notebook computer because already has the built-in wireless card, therefore may use directly. The desktop must use an external wireless USB interface card to refer to this article.

3. When the hardware wireless network card has been configured, run the "WiFi Universal key PC version" installer, follow the prompts to complete the installation of the software operation.

Note: Users can click on "Custom Installation", choose to change the installation path, but the custom installation does not support the Chinese directory, you can also on this page and set the "Create desktop Shortcuts" or "Create to the Quick Launch bar."

4. In the "WiFi Universal Key PC version" interface, click the "Refresh" button, you can automatically find the available WiFi hotspot around!

5. Click "One key Query Universal key", the user shares the hot spot after the password will have a blue key flag, and then click "Automatic Connection", if not connected successfully, you can try to connect to other hotspots.

6. If your computer does not have a connection to the network, access to the interface will pop-up prompts the window, recommended in the mobile phone to install "WiFi Universal key", suggested that the small partner check to determine, mobile phone at the same time installed "WiFi Universal key", conducive to the use of mobile phones to improve the success If you have a network available, ignore the following steps.

(1) Click on the right "Android WiFi Universal key", scan two-dimensional code download directly, follow the prompts to install.

(2) Open the phone settings-open USB sharing network

Settings-Developer Options-usb Debug Check

When you connect your phone with a USB cable, choose Bulk storage

(3) Computer Display installation driver folder

(4) Open the folder, click the setup operation

(5) Right-click My Computer-admin-Device Manager-View has a yellow exclamation point Android

(6) After the installation of the driver, select the yellow exclamation point, select the Update driver software-Browse the computer to find the driver software-to find just the driver installed directory, select the next step, you can install successfully.

(7) After the successful installation of the driver, the device has been connected, you can click on the "one key query Universal key", the query can be hot after the connection.

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