How do I use the Windows 8.1 Start button?

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Until then, we didn't know more about how this start button works. Although some sources have emphasized that the Start button for Windows 8.1 is not the same as it is currently on Windows 7 (that is, when we are familiar with the clicks, we open the Start menu directly).

Now, Mary Jo Foley the details of the operation of the Windows Blue Start button from an important source after spending a lot of time. It is said that the appearance of the new Start button is the same as the Start button in the current Windows 8 charm Sidebar: It looks like a slanting, flat window. It may be used by default, but you can cancel it if you don't want to.

  The New Start button will be located in the taskbar of Windows 8.1 desktop mode , in the leftmost position, as in Windows 7, the old Start button (as shown in the picture at the end of the article).

According to the source, the Start button is not visible when the user is in the Start screen or a Metro style/windows store application. If/When the user moves the mouse to the lower left corner, it will appear in front of you. In the current Windows 8 system, the user moves the mouse to the lower left corner to see a thumbnail of the start screen, which will be replaced by the Start button in the new system.

In addition, there is an option for you to see the "all Apps" view directly after clicking the Start button, rather than the active tile view of the start screen. This "all Apps" view is the same as what we currently see in Windows 8 (right-click the mouse on the Start screen of Windows 8 to pull up the application taskbar and select "All Apps"). In Windows Blue-as previously revealed in earlier versions of the development-users are called "all apps" by sweeping the start screen up.

However, according to sources, Microsoft plans to allow users to click on the New Start button after the default display "All Applications" view, if you do not want to enter the start screen of the active ceramic interface can be set. That is, after the user selects the New Start button, the system will pop up a "Start screen" that lists all the applied icons, and there are no tumbling active tiles. Users can arrange these icons according to the usage rate of the application, so that some commonly used applications are listed in the front. Such a view should be closer to the Start menu for Windows 7, but this is a full-screen display, not a list.

The source has confirmed that booting directly into desktop mode is also included in the Windows Blue Milestone preview version. It works as you can hear: Users have the option to go directly to the traditional desktop mode without first going to the Metro-style start screen and then to desktop mode. But even if users get into desktop mode from the start, they will go to the Metro-style start screen after clicking on the Start button.

In addition, Windows Blue may have an interesting UI adjustment. Microsoft is expected to allow users to use the same background in the Metro-style start screen and traditional desktop mode. This may be done to reduce the user's inappropriate switching between the two environments. And the Big God Paul Thurrott has also released a screenshot of this feature, you can look at the following two pictures, it has been in the latest Blue preview version appeared.

Mary Jo Foley wants Microsoft officials to comment on the information, but Microsoft does not want to comment. Microsoft officials say they plan to launch a public preview of Windows blue on June 26, the first day of the Microsoft build 2013 developer conference.

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