How do I view the status of localhost in the Win7 flagship computer?

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What is localhost? In fact, in our Win7 64-bit flagship computer, this localhost refers to the local host, that is, we are currently operating the computer, so see if the localhost is normal, that is, to see if our computer is in a normal state , which is a step that is required in many operations. So in the Win7 flagship computer, do you know how this localhost to query? The following, small series will be the specific method introduced to everyone!

1. First, we also press the Win7 flagship computer keyboard Win+r shortcut to open the computer's running window, in the open running window, we enter CMD and click Enter, so you can open the Win7 flagship system command Prompt window.

2. In the open Win7 Flagship computer command Prompt window, we enter the command code ping localhost and click Return, after we wait for Win7 flagship system to respond, we can see the system in the command Prompt window feedback, as shown in the figure below, which contains the response time and other information, the response time in the window shows that our Win7 flagship system is normal, networking is normal, if not appear this time, we need to troubleshoot.

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