How do Japanese designers thoroughly optimize travel websites?

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Directed at this artifact, this article can not be spared! Today we will be a tourism site to make a thorough change, the surprise is, with the help of the power of the artifact, the transformation of ideas is very clear, the transformation effect of unusually good. No revision experience of the designer, after reading you will be back to forward the >>>

Look at how the Japanese designers through the refined Thermal map optimization website design-Japan travel site.

The data required in this case are collected through the Foreign Free trial tool Ptengine.

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Analysis site:

(Extracted data Date: June 9, 2014 ~6 15th)

  First, users click on the focus area

The focus of the click of the place did not set the jump link, wasting the user clicks.

  [Improvement measures]

User generated a large number of Click area Description This is the user's concern, please take a look at the cause of the analysis.

  "Travel search (bottom left of page)"

When users search for tourism products, "tourism retrieval" should have a certain guiding role. But there are a lot of clicks on the "travel search". Although see "Travel search" below the content can understand the tourism retrieval information, but the content below is not very good user attention.

The reason is that the "travel search" font has a color problem. Throughout the site you will understand that the text of the blue font is basically a jump link. Therefore, for the use of the blue font style of "travel search" unknowingly is also mistaken for a jump link. From a design standpoint, it's understandable that you want to turn a font into blue to make the page look uniform on the whole, but this way it's confusing to the user's understanding.

As an improvement countermeasure, you can change the blue font to a black font to not allow the user to mistake it for a jump link.

  Second, the use of sliding banner ads

The first banner's attention view turns red, indicating that the user focuses on the slide banner ad. Although the advertisement picture does not jump the link not to carry on the jump, but so many clicks concentrates here, is to the user's click is one kind of great waste.

  [Improvement measures]

This may be because the user saw the photo of the guide to click. A lot of users who have read the tour guide blog in the website once again visit the site, see the tour guides tied to the photos, so want to click the photos to jump to the tour guide's blog page. This means that the tour guides that have been clicked are very attractive places. Then we should target the attractive content (tour guide blog), set the depth jump link, deepen the user's access depth.

  Iii. Activation of popular content

The tour guide's blog page assembled a lot of clicks. Ads for the same content in the middle of the page also gather a lot of clicks.

As mentioned above, more popular content has been clicked many times. If so popular, what would it be like to show a lot of it as a column? If you are in the current state, you will not be able to discover new updates if you do not join the global navigation or guide the ad jump. If the blog in the form of the following to change, so that the first page to be able to understand the updated information or content, so that more new users can also be more easily understand that more users can also read to the blog page. So many of the content should be actively displayed.


  Four, the sign travel content

Introduction to the Site content page, the more users focus on the area, attention view is more red.

The most red part of the attention view shows the user's interest. It boils down to the following 3 points.

is because the specific content of the tour is very good (want to go to the Nordic 4 countries!)

The type of the Signboard tour itself is very popular (if possible, just want to see!)

The presentation method (Web design) is good (attracted by the interface and title!)

Based on the above 3 points to do in-depth analysis. For example: The content of the tour will be updated at any time, for the update period of attention view to compare, to see whether the color depth of the hot map is different. If there are differences, then may be guided by the content of tourism, hot map red. Conversely, if there is no difference, it can be judged as the above 2nd, 3 points. If you change the presentation method (design), Getoux also changes, it can be said to be due to the design and attention. If this is not the case, it is that the signboard tourism product itself is very popular.

Separate the analysis as above, you can know what to do. Remove a clear understanding to the cause, you can strengthen this part to improve customer satisfaction, and can improve the transformation effect. In addition, this approach can draw users interested in content, to achieve through the traditional way of publicity and so difficult to effect.

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