How do you enter the same data for multiple worksheets at the same time in Excel?

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Excel everyone used it, his convenience is believed that everyone knows, then I now to share one of my experience: how excel in multiple worksheets in the same data entry. I hope everyone will be pointing fingers, and the bad places to communicate with each other.

1, first, open a new work table, double-click the desktop of the Excel icon, a new blank Excel work table.

2, click the window below to add a worksheet symbol, add a few new worksheets to explain the need.

3, then, hold down the CTRL key, then select just a few new work side, click "Sheet1" "Sheet2" and so on several tables, at the top will show "workgroup" a few words.

4, in the work form input you want to input into the content, any worksheet entered in the data will be in the other worksheets in the same location displayed.

5, after the input is completed, just use the CTRL key to select the right mouse button, select the "Cancel the team list" option. Then you'll see the effect you want.

6, and then click on each worksheet individually, you will find in each selected table, the same position appears in the same data.

Note: If you need to adjust, you need to set each table separately

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