How do you enter the square of a, four times in Word?

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How do you enter the square of a, four times in word? Math problems often appear square, several square, sometimes want to search in Baidu with the square of the topic, but do not know how to input square, how to do? The following small series for you to introduce in Word a squared, four-time method, to see it.


Now I'm going to give you an example of how to enter this type of input by entering a squared, there are two ways:

Method One: 1. Enter A2 first, then select 2

Click the Format menu and choose Font

In the Font dialog box, select the Font tab, and then check the box in front of the superscript button to make sure.

Then look at the 2 already as superscript.

Method Two: This method is relatively simple, that is, using shortcut keys.

Previous action and method one: Enter A2 first, then select 2.

Then press "Shift, CTRL, and =" at the same time to become a squared.

If you want to enter the square of R, the four-second side of a, and so on, the same method.

The above is word how to enter a squared, four method introduction, the operation is very simple, hope to help!

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