How do you find the rows and columns that Excel hides?

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How do you find the rows and columns that Excel hides? In the daily work, we often hide some rows and columns to print the need, but the printing is done to hide the ranks of the display, frequent hidden display feeling very troublesome, then Excel hidden rows and columns How to find it? The following small series for you to introduce, to see it.


Find rows and columns that cannot be hidden. Where did they all go? such as "Swallow Primary school third grade Chinese discipline Unit Test score statistics" in the 第6-26 line.

Select a line or two lines before and after the hidden rows ... (Note that you should check both before and after.) Click the right button to set "row height" in the function key.

Then enter the same high value as the other rows, as high as the other rows, or enter the values you need to row high.

Selected as Method 1.

Move the mouse over line 27th, a cross symbol with a horizontal line and a portrait arrow appears, and then press and hold the left mouse button to gently pull. Miracles have arisen.

Let's see if the previously hidden lines are back to normal!

If you want to set the column width that has been hidden, use the same method.

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