How do you manage your time in the Internet age?

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Wen/Lifesinger (Yuber also known as Condor)

I sent a Weibo message yesterday.

For the front-end development, in addition to the blue ideal, there are several places more waste of life: Baidu (bar, etc.), CSDN, Cnbeta, QQ Group, micro-bo. The more time these places spend, the lower the wages.

As expected, attracted a lot of onlookers and controversy. I send this microblogging is intentionally "extreme", to accidentally hurt friends, especially in Baidu, Weibo and other companies to work friends to apologize. Behind this microblog, I want to talk about time management. No intention to promote what superiority, values, just because experienced, through a lost journey, heart pain, just want to share.

The following text originates from the blog I sent six months ago, "time management practice in the internet age". After more than half a year, with a lot of new ideas and experience, re-comb the following. If there is help, please drum a palm, if no benefit, ignore just fine.

The internet has brought us great convenience. Many excellent products, as Zhang Xiaolong said, are trying to attract addicted users through human greed and hatred. Users will spend a lot of time on these products, but the benefit from users is far less than expected. How to properly use these Internet products, it is worth every net fan ponder.

Tell me about my experience and practice.


About two years ago, I was a heavy user of IM. Every day open Alibaba, joined a lot of groups, a group of what news, can reply always quickly reply. At that time, a software statistic was used to find that at least 3 hours of the day were in use in Mong Wang. This statistic really startled himself, and later made the following adjustments:

    1. exit the unnecessary group . From more than 30 groups, reduced to about 10. Feel that they do not help the group, bold retreat good, there will be no loss, the only need is courage and determination. At the beginning of a group, but also led to find a conversation, but fortunately, the leader was persuaded by me. (It is better to think of yourself as being too tender, but it would be a good idea to set this group to not accept or remind.) )
    2. Some groups are not good to retreat, or occasionally need to relax, Alibaba has a very intimate setting: only receive no reminders . In this way, the initiative is in your hands. Occasionally stuffy, to chat is also good. The necessary emotional dredging is also beneficial, especially in the group of more mm.
    3. Only some very important groups , such as those related to security and stability, will retain reminders. In this way, when a major failure occurs, can be timely informed and troubleshooting.
    4. The next thing is: Always online, but always invisible . Because of the need for work, driving a Alibaba is often helpful in working. Take the initiative in your own hands by taking the stealth state. Really urgent things, colleagues will call or human flesh come over. The message on the "can" is generally handled asynchronously.
    5. In addition, the use of Mac Wang Wang, all pop-up windows and other reminders and ads can be completely filtered out, never be disturbed.

In short, take the initiative to use IM, instead of being used by IM. QQ and Gtalk and so on, and so on, also the same. Zhang Xiaolong's wish was great: no one had to use it. My understanding of this sentence is: It is best that no one spends a lot of time on it, and most of the time should be spent on valuable communication or consumption of valuable information. I hope this wish will come true soon. At present, from the public account has seen some small and great attempts, all is just beginning.


I love the Web mail system and haven't used client tools such as Outlook for years. Always use Gmail to send and receive all kinds of mail, like Gmail's default recommended usage habits:

    1. Inbox is the inbox. the processed messages are immediately deleted or archived . This is a sense of accomplishment, every time the task of opening Gmail is to let Inbox become empty.
    2. For important messages, you will be added a star . Gmail now has the default priority feature, which automatically increases the priority of some messages based on your usage habits. When you have a large number of new messages, it is very convenient to handle them.
    3. Without any tag to manage. Zhang Xiaolong says a good product should avoid getting users involved in management . Very much agree. In Gmail, with a powerful search, tag and category are clouds.
    4. Later, due to the company system, the company mail using Outlook Web App to manage. Although far less convenient than Gmail, but fortunately one day down the mail is not much, concentrated time processing is good. You haven't met a message that you have to respond to in a timely manner.

In short, take the initiative to process the mail instead of being processed by the mail. Of course, this is related to the nature of work. For me, for most programmers, I believe this will improve time utilization.


I once sent a micro-blog, said GFW did a good thing, it is effective to reduce the number of netizens to bubble Twitter time. The microblog was half-joking and half-earnest. Now I'm barely on Twitter, so I can say it's really GFW help. Everything has its pros and cons, no absolute good or bad. (This passage was spat over, and rose to servile, liberal, democratic, whatever.) Those who write code but the Prime minister's heart of the spectators, do not pay attention to me, your spit groove and things are not good, when you have a gun and then come to me. )

I now basically only on Sina Weibo, it seems to be an active member, in fact, I spend a little time on it. On a weekly basis, the average day is less than half an hour. The main ways are as follows:

    1. look at Weibo as the media . Weibo really did, without leaving home, and know the world. This product if Zhuge Liang know, must be envied death. With Weibo, you never go to a portal (as if you didn't have a microblog or a portal site). I only use the web version of the microblog, one is because this can effectively grasp the initiative in their own hands, and second, because the web version of the microblog home page has a hot topic on the right. Once a day or a week a glance, I know the world, for me, enough.
    2. play Weibo as a guestbook . The social of Weibo, for me, is a book which can be added by oneself. The group of Sina Weibo is a good function, I built an "acquaintance" group, inside only oneself feel worth reading, only a few subscriptions. In this way, the reading volume of a day is very small and often has nothing to read. In addition to the acquaintances group, there is a more time-consuming view of comments and forwards. Now basically just look at comments, not looking forward. Forwarded a lot of content and the repetition of comments, Sina Weibo how not to do to heavy?
    3. use Weibo as a search . Recently, almost every week, we searched the Seajs with Weibo to see if there were any new discussions or news. Sincerely hope that Weibo can be like Google, the introduction of a Alerts service, with new content, send me e-mail just fine. Kai-Fu Lee recently recommended a good Pulse Bo network, has a keyword subscription function.

Weibo other features for me are all clouds, occasionally to turn, such as Micro-magazine, but more from the perspective of product analysis to see.

In short, or the words, take the initiative to use micro-blog, and not be used by micro-bo . Do not believe in the use of fragmented time of the story. Those who seize the user fragmented time products are rogue, the user is poor enough. Weibo is just a pair of gloves, and it's good to take them with you. Do not take Weibo as a plane, landing yourself in, and so on when the crash is difficult to come down.


Yesterday's Weibo, named Blue ideals, CSDN and so on, is not denying their past glory and the current help for novices, but from the current development of these two sites, any aspiring to improve their professional skills, when possible to stay away from these domestic forums. Inside the noisy impetuous, flooded with inferior posts, I do not know how to use words to describe. This passage you can not approve, but I have my point of view. If you think I'm wrong, it's better to prove that you are right.

As a programmer, I often on the site is not many, there are Google, StackOverflow, Quora and so on. Only GitHub is on the go every day. GitHub is a game park for me, full of challenges and fun.


This, put it to the present, as if not how to discuss. The previous years spent a lot of time on Google Reader, even a day without the itch. Now with the weakness of the blog, the content of the RSS in the less, no desire will not invest time, do not worry.

Like RSS, there are other websites, such as watercress, Pinterest, and so on. It seems to me that there is no attraction, the watercress is to buy books will go to see the book review, The Mail is an invitation to answer questions, occasionally go to. Pinterest and other foreign sites, more is to hold the mentality of research products to go, as if not really into, including Facebook, the feeling is a free egg pain site.

Forgetting to say another feature of Weibo is "collection". Feel this is a new era of RSS. On Weibo, you'll often see valuable long-text or video-sharing. At this point I will use the collection function to collect, and then wait for the evening and the weekend, concentrate a period of time to read. Just like reading Google reader.

Now it's not much of a Twitter collection, it's more about Evernote. See the article worth watching carefully, will be extended through the clearly collection to Evernote server, and then eat, sleep and other scattered time period, through the mobile phone client review.

Another position is the public account, currently subscribed to the Grapevine, Mac skills, Ghost Foot Seven, ATP, Old Dragon Thief, 36 krypton and other public accounts. The quality is very good, the interest can be optional subscription.


It seems that I am a conservative, only six months ago to upgrade the system to Mountain Lion, the study of a half-day notifications Center, the final decision to completely disable it, the upper right corner of the icon is also deleted. My IPhone's Push feature was also closed to me.

Like to use Google Calendar, every day to work the first thing, is to plan the day to do things. But also never remind, there are meetings or something, are a long time moji in the heart, seldom forget.

Finally, think of @Macji said: Once you have tasted the fun of working, you will not be infatuated with the pleasure of socializing. I think it's very good to say that I forgot the words. Have summed up a few points to yourself:

    1. the best reading is output. For example, I now write this text to get the fun and harvest, far more than on the micro-blog to see the 1 million micro-bo strong.
    2. the best IM is mail. I've never liked to discuss technical issues through Weibo or IM, and it is recommended to communicate via email. e-mail, you can make your ideas clearer and more complete, so that the problem can be more effectively resolved. In addition to the mail, the current code class discussion is very much like GitHub's issues. Markdown format is very elegant, GitHub's Issue can be automatically and mail to get through, very convenient.
    3. The group will make you into a crowd. If you want to be a crowd, go clubbing.
    4. Async is better than synchronization. Async allows you to take the initiative to your own hands and asynchronously allows you to schedule your time freely. For programmers, in addition to a small number of things need to be synchronized, in most cases, asynchronous is an efficient soul.
    5. fragments are robbers . The software that seizes the fragmentation time will not help you take advantage of the fragmentation time, but will only fragment your entire piece of time.
    6. read a good book and read it online. a good book brings people the harvest, often far more than a lot of internet reading can bring.
    7. Let the information come to you. really important information, will come to your side. Information is walking, not your own digging. Don't worry about missing any information.
    8. The Internet is a tool. don't put your feelings into it, really. The internet is stone, scissors, cloth.
    9. read is to write, to learn is to use. writing is broadly written: blogging, writing code, and so on. Only in this way can the reading be effectively translated into output. Learning is to use, because any learned knowledge, sentiment, if not to use, not to practice, it will always be the sentiment, will never really flow into your heart, become your strength.

It is said that after the age of 30, people have to go to bed early to work best. Good night, ladies and gentlemen. I hope this text will help you.

More wonderful Macau MGM website how much

How do you manage your time in the Internet age?

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