How do you see the "Secret" App?

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Take the initiative.

I was the first download "No secret", and then download the "Secret"!

No secret is still in my mobile phone, the secret download used 10 minutes uninstall.

Let's talk about the use situation!

Because of the time to read more network contact, itself and their professional hook, so many years of what the new IT products are still more concerned about (of course, to meet my age of the product more attractive to me. Like the face Meng, although my face is also the head, that is our family a 94-year-old girl helped me to get. I also downloaded, looked at the whole interface or something, refer to. ) said much, pulled back. Basically a little bit better app I'll use it myself. What strikes me most is a "no secret". Can I say that it has been completely compromised by the IT community? --Sohu Home high-round to send high-heeled shoes. Interview with the Product manager (it's all in the IT world, what bat, I'd like to say, has the product manager become a fully-established term for it?) )。。 That says Ali and the Goose factory are now millions worth of. Chinese hand tourists things are turbulent ... (Can I say that the secret of my phone is almost entirely related to them?) Or do you know that I am accustomed to know these, deliberately differentiated to me? For this I also took someone else's cell phone to do the test, I am sorry, his no secret received the same message I was! The most depressing thing is, some of the topics you are interested in, because not friends can not comment (why many people's comments are friends of friend comments?) Does this prove that if we don't have a friend in the IT world, we'll never get into the door of secrecy? )

Above nonsense, I just want to say, my mobile phone is about three hundred or four hundred people's mobile phone number, even when the beginning of a friend's secret can not see (because less than three people use no secret). Is it because of the nature of my work? (My contacts have gen 50%, which accounts for 20%.) Are your circles too narrow? Or is there a problem with the promotion? (Almost all we can see is the IT community ...) Can only see, cannot comment. )

As for the secret why I uninstalled, hehe, only see all kinds of Hu messed up.

How to feel after the secret experience of the simple spit slot:
1, the sense of participation is not strong. A person who is not a friend of the circle cannot comment. In many cases, the user posted a message may be a problem or doubt, and the users of their own circle may not have this experience or insight, so that our doubts have no way to get someone else's answer or consolation;
2, the Pit Father's invitation mechanism. Secretly installed for a week, until today to comment on the secret of a friend's release. According to the rules, you must invite 3 friends to join to comment. And the more funny thing is, I want to view and comment on the friend's secret when the pop-up hint "you currently have 9 friends in the use of secrets." When you have 3 friends to join, you can unlock them. " It's not exactly the exact words, anyway. We found no, his hints are very wonderful, clearly explained that there are 9 friends in use can be unlocked, but you found not unlocked. So you can only bite the bullet to continue to invite, expect to unlock. More wonderful is that I have invited so many people, but I have no idea that I have invited a few people in the beginning to use.
3 Friend's friend is also counted as a circle of friends. This is more interesting, the use of received a large number of friends in the circle of secret message notification, the point to find in fact, and their own half of the money relationship is not. Of course, I am not saying that I should not associate my friend with friends, but whether this kind of association law is debatable. Should I convert the way and method of expressing (behaving)?
4, annoying dead people do not die of news push. 3rd mention friends friends such a circle of friends, whether it is not your direct friends, only its release of the secret has any dynamic, will send the message to the mobile phone notification system, people take pains.
5, the basic function is not complete. Based on the 4th, should there be a message push setting that allows the user to choose whether to receive notifications? What types of notifications are received? Perhaps the secret team is to improve the activity of the application, so that users continue to click. Bart, is the increase in user activity really considered this way? How do you increase user activity, do you boss build?

The use of secret one weeks after the pure user experience or feeling, really uncomfortable, decisively uninstalled out. If there is no, welcome to shoot Bricks ~

How do you see the "Secret" App?

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