How do you set up IIS in the Win7 flagship edition?

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Win7 How to set up IIS? This is a problem that many web-making enthusiasts are concerned about. If you need to use WIN7 system IIS to set up the FTP Web site, you must be the Win7 flagship, because only the flagship version of the built-in IIS features, and the Home Edition does not carry such a development tool. Of course, you can also download some other local tools to create online, there are many tools on this web. The following article mainly describes how to use the win7 system with IIS created by the FTP server, set up a Web site.

  What is IIS?

IIS is an abbreviation for Internet Information Services in English, and is a world Wide Web Server service. IIS is a Web (Web page) service component, these include Web servers, FTP servers, NNTP servers, and SMTP servers for Web browsing, file transfers, news services, and mail delivery, which make it easy to post information on the Web, including the Internet and the local area network.

In simple terms, IIS can help Web-makers or learners set up mock servers on their own computers, test Web programs locally, adapt to web design learners or program developers to test programs.

The first is to install iis,win7 IIS installation is relatively simpler than XP, because the Win7 with, only need to configure a bit on it.

First, open the program from Control Panel, and then find the turn on or off feature.

Second, is the choice of choice function, if you are the great God, then you can choose for yourself, I usually put about IIS are selected. It is important to note that in Internet Information services you must select each item to be selected to be able to select it all, rather than selecting the parent node (which must be noted).

Three, so your IIS service is good. The following is the opening of IIS (how to open it do not say it). , right-click on the site, select Add FTP site, and enter the site name and path.

Four, select the IP and SSL selected as none, the following figure.

Select the appropriate permissions, the following figure.

In this way, a most basic FTP Service site even built. Finally, prepare the Web page program, put it in the root directory of the site, then you can test the site.

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