How do you set up Outlook Auto reply?

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If you receive a large number of emails every day, and some of them are important emails from your superiors, you should not only respond to them in a timely manner, but also back up the emails in a timely manner. The following small series tells you a convenient and effective way to make special quick processing for these special mails. I hope it works for you.

"Ideas for solving problems"

For office workers, mail processing typically uses Outlook. The new Outlook 2013 "Quick steps" to improve the intelligence of message processing, you can solve the above problems perfectly.

Start Outlook 2013, switch to the Start tab, and you can find the Quick Steps feature group, which provides a move to, manager, workgroup e-mail, reply and delete, new, and so on feature buttons that directly call existing quick steps, or you can design them yourself.

"How To solve problems"

According to the challenge description, both quick and automatic responses to important messages, and the automatic transfer of these messages to a dedicated mail folder, you can design a quick step called automatic reply and transfer.

In the Manage Quick Steps feature Group, click the New button, or under the new Quick Step menu, select Customize to open the Edit Quick Steps dialog box, where you can rename the default step name, such as automatic reply and transfer.

Select an action in the Select an Action drop-down list box. In this example, under the Response section, select Reply, and in view of the need to automatically reply to a message, you will also need to click the Show options link below to set the subject and content of the reply in advance so that you can automatically reply, and you can set the message's flag and importance.

Because you need to transfer the message to a dedicated mail folder while you reply automatically, continue to click the Add Action button, select Move to Folder in the Select an Action drop-down list box, and specify the folder you want to transfer to, such as the leader Mail mail clip. If there are other needs, you can continue to click the Add Action button. Finally, when you are done checking, you can also consider setting up a shortcut key.

Later, whenever you receive an important message, just click on the "Automatic Reply and Transfer" button in the "Quick Steps" feature group, and you will automatically open the Reply window, you can see that the reply topic and reply content have been automatically entered (Figure 4), directly click the "Send" button, will not only automatically complete the reply and send the message, And after sending the message, the original message will automatically be transferred to the "lead Mail" Mail folder, more relaxed.

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