How do you think it is necessary to have different skills and art in the Chinese context than in the West?

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China's management activities and Western management activities have been a huge difference, first of all, the Chinese management activities, the Chinese traditional culture of collectivism contains humanistic care, Reflected in the management activities are as follows: 1. Ethical management and system management, the two complementary, indispensable, with ethics, mutual humility between workers, mutual love, hindered the development of competitiveness, not conducive to the selection of talent, only the system, the staff of mutual care, mutual for the benefit of survival, eventually led to mutual suspicion, intrigue. 2. Absolute doctrine and egalitarianism, in the distribution system, the distribution according to work, according to the allocation of resources, so that more workers, more investors, but also to take into account the balance, so that full-time staff happy, eliminating mutual suspicion and jealousy.

In the Western management activities, the individualism of Western culture deeply affects the management behavior, 1. There is a significant "contract" cultural characteristics, management mainly depends on the system, but not by emotion; 2. To give full play to the initiative of each employee; 3. Have a sound human resources management rules and regulations.

Therefore, in the context of Chinese management activities, The following skills are required 1. Correct treatment of the situation, China's management activities will certainly appear a certain moral and ethical test, for managers, how to deal with will be very important; 2. To have a certain understanding of different cultures and to treat employees with different cultural backgrounds, we should be able to take the right approach.

How do you think it is necessary to have different skills and art in the Chinese context than in the West?

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