How do you use a peer-to-peer terminator?

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Peer-to-peer Terminator is a LAN control software, his main function is to control and limit the same LAN other Internet users, such as the restrictions do not let others on the QQ, do not let others open the Web page and do not let others download, as long as he and you within the same network you can control him, and the magic is, Instead of moving his computer or installing something on his computer, you can achieve the functionality described above by simply installing a peer-to-peer terminator on your computer.

First, software. Today, there are many restrictions on the Internet download software, such as Peer-to-peer Terminator, network law enforcement officer, Anyview, aggregated and other management. They can control the behavior of a computer individually, such as preventing login QQ, blocking access to designated websites, restricting BT, HTTP downloading, flow control, etc.

Take the peer-to-peer Terminator as an example, show the process and method of controlling other computer, other software use method basically similar, everybody can extrapolate. Before describing the process, it is necessary to understand the rationale of this type of software first. We all know that computers in the LAN are in the form of a client, in theory, the client does not control the behavior of other computers, usually only the gateway, broadband routers and proxy servers can directly control the local area network computers. So to make the client have permission to control others, you first have to masquerade as a proxy server.

I believe that everyone has heard of the word ARP, ARP (address resolution Protocol) is a resolution protocol, is a transfer of IP address to the physical address (MAC address) of the protocol. When a send the data to B, it will first query the local ARP cache table, find B IP address of the corresponding MAC address, it will be data transmission.

We are configuring the IP address of the network card has a gateway, when sending data to the Internet, the client is to send the data directly to the gateway, and then forwarded to the Internet by the gateway. So if a peer-to-peer Terminator wants to control another client, it will be disguised as a gateway, so that all clients think that your computer is a gateway, and that the data they send to the Internet is sent to your computer, sent to the real gateway by your computer, and forwarded to the Internet. In contrast to receiving data, gateways receive Internet data forwarded to your computer and forwarded by your computer to other clients on the LAN. That is to say, all data sent to the Internet must pass through your computer to be forwarded to the Internet, so your computer can view and control the Internet behavior of all the clients on the LAN. This approach is based on ARP spoofing technology, so it's relatively easy to crack, and it works only for clients on the same network segment, even if the other network segment's clients are in the same physical network as you.

Knowing the principle, let's look at the specific usage of the peer-to-peer terminator.

Note: "Peer-to-peer Terminator" itself is hacker software, before using, please close the firewall of your local computer, including the ARP firewall.

The first step is to install the software and start the software after the installation is complete.

Initial interface

Before using the software to configure, access to the software configuration interface, select the network card you are connected to, the following will display the current IP address, subnet mask, MAC address and gateway address.

Figure 2 NIC Settings

Software configuration

In control settings, it is recommended that the control network be automatically opened and the new host be automatically controlled (to prevent the new access host from being controlled). To prevent the ARP firewall that is installed by someone else from detecting that you are using a peer-to-peer terminator, you can check the "Enable Anti-ARP wall tracking mode", and after enabling this option, The ARP firewall will not be able to detect the ARP attack IP address, but can still successfully block the control of the Peer-to-peer terminator.

Figure 3 Control Settings

In the "Interface settings" We can change the interface of the Peer-to-peer terminator and style settings.

Figure 4 Interface settings

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