How do you use functions for averaging in Excel tables?

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How do you use functions for averaging in Excel tables?


1, open the table, locking the required average of the cells

2, select the unit, click on the top of the table "formula", appear in the following image interface

3, in the formula column, find the automatic summation icon, click on the icon, appear under the Zipper, find the "average".

4, click on the "average", the following function formula appears, although looking at the more chaotic, but do not panic, we are closer to success.

5, no matter how chaotic the picture looks like, we just calm down at the same time press the keyboard "Ctrl" and "Enter" health, everything has become simple. (due to the different versions of the Office software, perhaps some Excel need to manually select the average interval, then manually select the next can be)

6, for the following series of the average cell, we do not have to operate one by one, as long as the mouse is just the right corner of our operation cell, when the mouse turned black +, pull down the mouse, appear below the image interface.

7, drag the mouse to the last cell, release the mouse, the average of a column appears. Excel tables use functions to average success.

The above is in the Excel table how to use the function to average method introduction, the operation is very simple, everybody has learned? Hope this article can be helpful to everybody!

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