How do you use Super catch?

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first, the use of "dv/dc/tv/Camera capture" function

As shown in the following picture, super catch fast support recording video camera, digital camera, TV card and so on. This can be achieved by clicking on the dv/dc/tv/Camera Capture tab. For example, you can play the guitar, playing guzheng, etc. through the camera capture function, recorded, uploaded to the Internet and share with netizens.

Second, for video watermark, text, date, etc.

In addition to recording video cameras, we can also add watermarks, text, video dates, and so on. Click the "Set text/Map" button below the "dv/dc/tv/Camera capture" tab to set it in the pop-up dialog box. You can make your own logo! for the recorded video.

  Third, the use of "computer screen video" function, many popular format selection

Then we'll introduce the "computer screen video" feature. With this feature, we can record computer screen images, player videos, web videos, chat videos, game videos ... In the "Video export format", we can export avi,flv,wmv,swf and other popular formats, video sharpness and volume can be set freely by you, software to support the export of high-definition video.

 Iv. Select video area and support video and audio recording

Use the Orange Video Area selection tool to help us accurately select the video area. The software supports video recording while recording sound. As shown in the following figure, select the sound card name in the audio device for recording, and select the correct audio port at the audio port of the video. Recommended installation of the latest official sound card driver, so that the performance of the sound card more play out.

V. Start recording Video

Finally, click the "Start Video" button to start recording the video.

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