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Not long ago for everyone to bring a "router how to set up security," the theoretical article, a lot of friends read may feel more abstract, today small set for everyone to bring a combat article, to the Fibonacci wireless router for example, to teach you how to set the security of the Fibonacci router. Through the router account, login address, hidden SSID and open Mac filter, can effectively prevent the Fibonacci wireless router is against the potential of the network, the following detailed security settings tutorial.

First landing the Fibonacci wireless router, the Fibonacci wireless router default landing address is usually, the default login username and password are admin, you can in the router shell on the nameplate found, the following figure.

Fibonacci Wireless Router Landing

First, modify the router landing address

In order to ensure the security of the router background management interface, we first need to modify the landing address, we suggest that the default change to other addresses, such as (after two-bit arbitrary modification can be, as shown in the following figure.

Modify Router Login Address

After the change, click Save. Note that this default landing address has changed, it is recommended that you better remember, so as not to forget later, you can no longer log on to the router management.

Second, modify the router default account name and password

Since the default login account and password for the wireless router are admin, this is very unsafe, once others rub the net, they can use this many well-known account, landing your router, stealing broadband account and other privacy information, so the default admin account password should also be changed, as shown in the following figure.

Modify user name and password

Ps. You can change the login account password to your familiar account and password. For example, the user name changed to PC841, password changed to WwW.PC841.Com, modified, other rub net or hacker, it is difficult to log on the router.

Third, set the hidden SSID

The SSID is the wireless network name that we can search for using wireless devices, and if the router has a hidden SSID, then other smartphones and notebooks will not be able to search our wireless network, which can effectively enhance the security of the network.

Fibonacci Wireless Router Settings Hide SSID is simple, in wireless settings in the Wireless security settings, check the "Hide SSID", and then save.

Hide Wireless SSID

Ps. Hide SSID, hackers can use other tools to find, but can make most mobile phone, book users cannot find, unless using professional tool search.

Iv. Strengthening the security of wireless network passwords

Into the wireless security of the wireless router, the encryption mode selected as the most advanced WPA2-PSK, and the wireless password modified to a more complex password, password length set in more than 8, preferably including letters and symbols, which can effectively prevent the RUB network card cracking.

Tighten wireless security settings

After the modification is complete, click Save. Wireless network password, the best is more difficult, not pure numbers and passwords, otherwise very easy to rub network card cracked.

V. Binding MAC (Advanced Security Settings)

In the wireless settings of the Fibonacci wireless router, enter the "Wireless Mac Filter" setting, first turn on this function, then add your home computer Mac and phone MAC address, and then save it.

Routers and Internet device bindings

Router Mac settings, which is equivalent to the router and computer or cell phone/tablet binding, to achieve only binding devices to the Internet, which can effectively protect the router security, other devices even cracked the wireless password, but because there is no device binding, still can not access the Internet.

Related help: "How to check the computer MAC address MAC address search techniques", "mobile phone MAC address How to check the Android/iphone mobile phone MAC address method."

Vi. closing WPS function

For most home users, the WPS functionality of the router is largely useless, so it is recommended that this feature be turned off to prevent users from using PIN codes to connect to your network. Fibonacci Wireless router off the WPS function method is very simple, I advanced settings in the WPS settings, disable the WPS function can be, as shown in the following figure.

Disable WPS Feature

The above Fibonacci wireless router security settings are set to complete, restart the router can take effect, we suggest that you record the modified router login address, account name and password, SSID, wireless password to prevent the future of their own forget, and cause unable to login router settings management interface.

Through the Fibonacci wireless router for the above six security settings, for most users, you can guarantee 99% of the security, the basic can be said that the router security worry-free.

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